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    Hey, I'm Echo Raid, or Nathaniel. Whenever I'm not on my computer either talking to friends, doing some browsing on the internet, or ReMixing music, I'm usually either on the PS3, or riding my bike around outside. I have only recently started to actually produce an arrangement for oc remix. Music is something that let's me enjoy myself without thinking about anything else for a while. My favourite composer would be between Yoko Shimomura, and Nobou Uematsu, respectivally, my favourite games are Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. The instrument which I can play the best is Guitar, and I am majorly self-taught in that. Although I have a disadvantage at arranging because of my lack of musical knoledge, I get through it by knowing what sounds, beats and effects go together with the arrangement, and what doesn't fit in. I get the base of the finished product by personalizing it as I go along, so it's a lengthy process. I call upon my friends with musical talents when I need them, and often the final version of the arrangement is way different to what I had in mind...
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    Nathaniel Henderson
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    FL Studio
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    Electric Guitar: Lead

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  1. Yo Echo Raid, if you have a video that fits the guidelines for the challenge, you are welcome to enter it for sure!

  2. Well, If we can enter videos that we've made before, I'm in.
  3. Anyone know where I can find a good trumpet synth (preferably free) for FL9?
  4. the hard way it is then, thanks for your help Zephyr.
  5. Well, the save file i had before lacks alot of the changes I made in the version which got split. I tried the ctrl+click thing, and merging them does work--however, there is no channel data in the pattern created from the merge.
  6. I'm seeming to allways get stuck halfway through remixing, usually when it comes to the point when I add in my own accompanyments. It seems like there isn't anything to add, So i'm intrested in knowing what are good ways to get inspiration from, or steps you take when your stuck.
  7. Somehow, One of my patterns has dissapered, and instead of that, I now have each track from that original pattern on different paterns. i.e.: Patern 1 had 6 tracks, now instead of pattern 1 i have 7 patterns instead of 2. (the second pattern being another part of the song, which is still together) This has kind of destroyed one of my Remixes, so Is there any way to quickly fix it back up?
  8. Yes, I thought I was using frequency inproperly. Thanks for answering both possible questions, and since changing the volume worked before I skipped parts, I'll try the compressor first. Thanks for your help, this problem has been annoying me for some time now.
  9. I've run into trouble which is pretty much ruining my whole remix. Basically, There's two parts to the remix-the first is a more slower, let's say Acoustic part. Then, after a quick interlude it's a more heavier, electric instrument part. On the second part, I have a track played by a e.Bass, the problem is the frequency of it is too high, causing 'static' to surround the other instruments and the frequency causes cut outs at some points. (It's not actually high pitched either.) Lowering the mix track volume doesn't pernamently fix it, it reverts back to normal as soon I skip to a different part of the remix. Also, I don't know of any mastering plug in that can only change certain parts of the remix. The fix I have now is too lower everything in the second half to "balance" out the volume changes, but it ruins the whole second part as it is quiter now then the first half, and since there is lower beats in the second half, they are now too low of volume to be heard. So, is their anyway I can just lower the frequency of the single e.bass track? Thanks in advance.
  10. hm, okay, i'm going to explore doing those things. thank you lots
  11. well, I have a problem. I'm trying to make the reccuring beat-well, loop- in my ReMix not sound like it's the same thing everytime you hear it in the remix.. Anyone have any suggestion on how to do this?
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