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  1. I was just reading the desc and thought it was kinda funny LeeBro said, "Matthew’s vocals are warm, relaxed and despite having a few filters on still have a rich quality[...]" while the original song that..he sang? [right?]... is auto-tuned up the wazoo LOL. I am a bit biased tho, I really hate overused autotune...so the original song I didn't so much care for. This cover is sooo nice, though. So much better than the original =) I just had it on in the BG on YouTube, and was enjoying it when I realized M-One was singing LOL. [i used to stalk him on an art site, so this reminded
  2. I actually signed up to comment lol. Just wanted to say this site needs more vocal mixes like this. I hope you collab with her again, this was really nice.
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