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  1. sorry wasnt replying properly just now, no sub at all.
  2. you're totally right. I think i should hook up my old speakers and everything else as my refrence. eh.. don't really have a sub
  3. I haven't check my other mixes yet, cuz I'm too lazy to do so.. but as for this one Im doing right, its very important to me so i gotta do everything i can to make it sound as good as possible.. also I did listened to alot of commercial cd's. they sound really good in all 4 speakers in the car. my mix is totally bad. normally what sample rate and bitrate do you set before you burn in a cd and test it in the car?
  4. I've been working on a track for quite a long time, can't seems to find the problem and all, I've a well treated acoustic room and KS Digital monitor speakers, I've done everything I can on my mix, I've all instruments, vocals and etc stereo widen. I mix them all in 44.1/16bit WAVs, everything is properly mixed down and sounds good on my monitor speakers. I rendered a mp3 and burned it to cd. I've listened to my mix in the car, it sounds good on the front seat, but really bad on the back seat, what could be the problem? is it because the mp3 I rendered in 48,000/320kbps is the problem? (been thinking that actually) I'm very frustrated, stressed out and can't get it out of my mind, i can't find solutions, I need advices from you guys, I'm very sorry cuz I'm new in this kind of stuff, thank you and hope y'all can help me out.
  5. The intro of this song is so good. do anyone know? please do listen. because I need to know what sound is this. if you have more information please do let me know which VST contain this sound. :)
  6. ah I see. I've listen to some previews. is pretty good thanks
  7. Hi everyone it's me again lol Im about to buy this microphone MXL 990. I know its not the best but Is good for me and its all about trusting your ears. would you guys recommend me to buy this mic? if you guys know there is cheaper and better mic than this please put a list or name it. note : I tried to buy MXL 990 almost everywhere "including Amazon" and failed because of not be able to deliver to my address. maybe one day I can get them without delivering and stuff.
  8. Did you guys know there is an Official Final Fantasy Remix Album from Square Soft/Square Enix? You guys should check it out I just found out about this earlier. p/s : I think OcRemixers remix are better. after listening the whole album =_= Uploaded with

  10. I hope one of you guys will make this remix
  11. Kate Kate Kate! XD yea its me again Kenny XD