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  1. Quick bump. I made changes to the track based on the great feedback I got. Link in the opening post, and here as well: https://soundcloud.com/tekkaxe/boulder-breaks-mega-man-5 Thanks for listening. Enjoy! -GK
  2. @Melodius: Thanks a ton!!! @Phonetic: Whoa.... awesome resources. Thanks for the thorough tips and whatnot. EQing and Compression are areas I continually seek to improve in. I'd say that I have a decent understanding, but certainly theres much more room for growth. I will definitely be taking a close look at the track with your feedback in mind.
  3. Thanks for giving it a listen, Phonetic. I used FL Studio 10, a NES styled soundfont, some sytrus patches and drums/bass via directwave. To your note about the overall bass in the track, I was a bit concerned about that, as I did notice that the particular sample I chose didn't have a huge oomph-to it on lower frequencies yet I hoped that it would still come through. Perhaps that's something that I should revisit, along with the kick-selection. Thanks again for the feedback!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, Rukunetsu. I really appreciate it! I'll also be watchful of incorrect notes as you mentioned, to see where I erred. Also, thanks for the sub on YT!
  5. Yo All, Thanks for all that game this a listen and especially those that offered feedback. I made a bunch of production fixes and I hope that you find this to be a more solid listening experience. Feedback is still welcomed, of course. And a special thanks to Phonetic Hero. The new audio is up on a soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/tekkaxe/boulder-breaks-mega-man-5 -GK ------- First pass: http://youtu.be/fJDBUwhXy6Q
  6. I've been playing since launch and have been really enjoying it so far. Like you said, the art/music/gameplay is awesome. The thing that strikes me most, aside from how awesome the previously mentioned things are (art/music/gameplay), is how infrequently I experience those "Argh!"/facepalm moments. I played a ton of MVC2 and 3 and absolutely love them, but an OTG window so wide you could practically go make yourself a sandwich before deciding to go for the hit (MVC3...) or your incoming character getting tagged by Cable's unblockable fierce into 5 meters of AHVB for the lose... yeah, those elements weren't always enjoyable. I hear folks jokingly calling Skullgirls "MVC without the nonsense", but it's a pretty nice way to put it: great gameplay that encourages creativity without frustratingly unfair elements." (though we can talk about Cerebella's damage output some other time, lol) I'm also on PSN and up for a battle some time: PSN=Tekkaxe, and i'm running a Valentine/Ms.Fortune duo.
  7. Whoa, thanks for all the feedback everyone, especially for giving me 12+ minutes of your time like that. Your listens and responses are greatly appreciated! @Nubioso: Yeah, that file size limit may be problematic. Even at a more reasonable bitrate, it's still a hefty mp3. @Johnny B: Thanks for the tip on the cymbals in FF1. I didn't even consider that may need to pull back a bit.
  8. Thanks Wolfmizu! I just added a download link via mediafire. As for balancing out the levels, I used a combo of multiple instances of FL Studio 9's "Fruity Limiter" on certain channels, messing with it's limiting and compressing functions, and "Equo" and "Fruity Limiter" on the master track. Then I tweaked the levels on the mixer until it sounded just right. I also tried to keep certain instruments in certain roles so that even though I transitioned from song to song, things wouldn't get too confusing, audio-wise.
  9. So I got this idea for a massive mix, sort of in commemoration of one of the greatest gaming series out there. Thus, I fired up FL studio and had at it: http://vimeo.com/9137990 (HD render, hosted on vimeo cuz youtube was being a hater.) The source tune is(are, rather) the worldmap songs from Final Fantasy(sies) 1 through 9. Make yourself a sandwich (or some hot cocoa. it's winter, afterall) and give it a listen. Feedback is welcomed. -GK *EDIT*:A download link has been added to the video. Also, grab it here, http://www.mediafire.com/file/iylnwgwzmzi/GK-ff_adecadeoftravels.mp3
  10. Hey all, This is a track I did from Mega Man 3 in a marathon of sorts the other night. The selection: Hard Man. 'Cuz his song rocks. Anyway, feedback would be much appreciated. -MP3 @ Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HJJKOXEA -And for those that don't feel like downloading anything, a youtube link, with HD available: Thanks, -GK
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