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  1. Thanks guys! Yeah, I'm probably going to put a slight intro in, but I have to say that I'm not a fan of songs that take FOREVER to get to just something. I personally think an intro shouldn't last 30 secs to a minute. But, that's just my personal opinion. You guys were definitely right about the quality, yuck! I reuploaded a version with better quality. I actually used a WAV file this time, since those are uncompressed, and that got rid of feedback: That ending is just something I really just threw up there for right now until I incorporate a better ending. I may mix some more parts inside the song as well. This is a very rough first draft. Yeah, I was trying to get be bit of the high frequency to bring out the piano notes as I was trying to incorporate those as well. Does this version sound better to you guys?
  2. I posted a Gumshoe remix and wanted to redo with new stuff that I learned: What do you think?
  3. Hi Guys, I have two different versions of a song and I wanted to know which one you liked better and why if you can tell me. Any help is appreciated! Title of Song: Asteroid Boogie Version 1: Version 2: Thanks, all!
  4. Actually, I was trying to for that simple "hip hop" style approach without too much melody to just really test out the use of reusing the sample in a certain nice order with a little help to move it along. But, I do understand what you're saying, so I may probably make another version that utilizes more melodies to sound like a totally different sound.
  5. Wow, Emperor, You songs are awesome. Very soothing and melodic. I love to hear that in songs. I'm trying to perfect my FL skills as well. Great work!
  6. Hi Guys, It's me again 8 months later... After finally getting my computers back to the way they should operate, I had some time to compose some more music and work on creating cleaner music. Here's a remix that I worked on: I'd like to know your thoughts!
  7. A whole 8 months later..... Sorry guys, Ended up having a BUNCH of computer problems and then just got major busy.. Thanks for your responses! I actually agree with the stabs. I'm going to clean this up even more.
  8. I'm just bumping to prevent the thread from getting buried is all. I'm not rushing or anything.
  9. I'm actually waiting patiently, but just bumping so that it doesn't get buried.
  10. Sent wrong link: This is the most updated link:
  11. This is an original tune of mine that I tried to give some hip hop flavor to yet again. I would say this is finished, but I would let you guys be the judge! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  12. I don't see a lot of remixes out there(I just saw one posted, but did this back in September), and wanted to try my hand at it. This has more of a hip hop flavor to it. Any suggestions are certainly welcome! Thanks!
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