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  1. Damn! When this track first started playing I was COMPLETELY diggin it... and then the lyric part came in. Sorry, but im just not diggin the lyric portion of this track. Does a non lyric version of this mix exist? This track would be WONDERFUL without the vocals. Please, if a non lyric version of this exists, please link me. That, or is there a piece of software that can remove vocals? I hate to sound SO harsh on whoever did the "rapping" on this, but I just LOVE the track itself so much, that I REALLY want it without the vocals. And whoever said that Vocals can only add to a track, that is absurd. You have to truly have the voice and ability to add to a track with vocals, you cant just throw howdy doody on to a song and expect it to sound good or add to the song, it dont wory that way. For me, its not that the artist didnt have rhythm, its that his voice just doesnt lend to rap. Whoever did the vocals just does not have the voice to be a rapper. To his credit though, he does sound a lot like Mr. Hahn from Linkin Park, and his skills would probably be perfectly suited to tracks like theirs, just not like this one. I would actually be really interested to hear him rap behind some Metal with some flow like Linkin Parks first two albums have.
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