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  1. The idea that you are making money off of other people's work rubs me the wrong way in some aspect. I feel generally agnostic about it, but I do have some conflicts. You might say it's to support the site, but isn't that, what that 2200$ a month Patreon is for? (Which I have zero qualms with) It doesn't paint the right image tbh especially when as far as I have recall. Historically OCR has specifically been against the profit of unlicensed fan made arrangements. Weird Al usually also asks permission to make his parodies, even though legally he doesn't have to. If you are going to be making money directly off of the hard work of someone else who did it out of love. They deserve their cut don't you think? Or is that where you draw the moral line in the proverbial sand of Fair Use? That doing so would actually be *real* profit and not money simply going to a supposed "Non-profit" that you don't actually need to hit the costs to run the site? And that they should be happy to get any kind of exposure? That it makes you more morally ethical than those that also release unlicensed derivative works in a way that generates revenue for themselves as an artist? So what is the whole point of this endeavor? Remove ads from the site? Why not remove ads all together from both if you clearly don't need the money to run the site from any kind of ads thanks to Patreon? Or seemingly additional revenue for whatever purpose? Ads on the site are understandably a necessary evil over the course of many years to keep the site running. But they were never intrusive nor a necessary barrier to have to bypass or wait to run out an allotted time period to gain access to content from this platform. And one can argue that Ads were never specifically targeted on a per song basis and that you weren't really monetizing the individual content you were distributing, but rather the site as a whole. Where as the opposite can be argued is true for Youtube can it not? On Youtube either a user has to wait to be able to skip the ad to listen to music, or block ads entirely, skippable or not. It's intrusive. (Not that I really listen to music on youtube much). And it's done on a song by song basis. And on the basis of business, any money made beyond covering cost is considered profit is it not? Or is that legally different for an NPO? I mean that sort of feels like an oxymoron. An Non-Profit Organization is obtaining revenue beyond operating costs. Of course, I am a layman who is ignorant on the real working innards of business, let alone an NPO. So it costs money to become an NPO and money to keep that status per year? How much? Would you not have had a fair amount of surplus already from ;again; Patreon beyond what was needed for keeping the site up?(That would build up more and more over time?) I really don't mind things helping cover cost of running the site, but unless there is some transparency on the number of dollars beyond what you need for cost, in order to maintain NPO status. Then it's understandable that people might be skeptical with undisclosed numbers. To that spectrum of things, what is the point of becoming an NPO? To spread the good will and cheer of Video Game Music? To make the active practice of what OCR does more ethically acceptable? I'm sure this has been covered before, but it seems applicable to this situation. Again on YT videos, would a system where people can actively consent when they submit a song whether they are ok with their song being monetized. (IE: They say no, so you release their song on youtube without ads. With if they say yes) be unacceptable?
  2. Erg, I get Hugh and Nathan mixed up. I'm just going off what songs would fit it well in my head
  3. ALSO: I highly suggest Hector being the Mexican! Though Hugh Baldwin and Awake could easily do this too.
  4. Oh man. This sounds like so much fun. If only my instruments weren't in disrepair. This just makes me want to make one of these into a Eurobeat song or something.
  5. I love this. Thanks for making it. I had an idea of doing something just like this. And i'm glad some people thought the same. RIP Mr.Iwata.
  6. LOVE the atmosphere here. Although, it takes over a minute for any source to become recognizable (To me at least), which is too long for my tastes when it comes to remixes. So personally I would work on that first minute, on just getting something that immediately gives you a point which to identify with as a listener. The drums are really the low point, so much so I think it would be rejected if you were to submit it based on that alone. They just feel out of place the way they are. I think I get what you were going for, but the sounds just don't quite gel. (As well they are a little bit monotonous). I Would try using Chiptune percussion instead maybe. FM, PSG, maybe some DPCM samples, NES Noise channel. Something along those lines with some modulation in them. (There are quite a few VST out there that emulate various sound chips) Get creative and unconventional with them.
  7. Always great to see Halo arrangements!
  8. Wow this is great hah. It eats up CPU pretty heavily though, i've seen it go as high as 27% on my i7 950 @4Ghz. And it seems to lag when it's not the webpage in focus. It also doesn't seem to detect the tempo properly , or is that on purpose maybe? But still very cool!
  9. Glad to see it's finaly out there. Happy to feel like I don't have to think about this a lot anymore.
  10. I think there is some wild variation in the quality of the work and some strange inconsistencies that seem to have been from what seems like the usage of varying existing work in a collage esque manner. However there is a lot of potential. So my feedback is to work on consistency and balance. If you must reuse and transform existing material. Try to avoid lossy images. (JPGs with lots of compression) and save the final work in at least a 100% quality JPG to reduce compression marring your work.
  11. Happy Birthday! Hopefully, FF2 gets out sometime soon.

    1. BONKERS


      Never saw this! Thanks! :D

  12. The world can never have enough Toe Jam and Earl, Jams