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  1. Here's a house mix of No Death In Love from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The original here is absolutely one of my favourite songs of all-time. Amazing vocals, gorgeous melodies, simple but haunting chords with a real cinematic flair. I really want to try and capture the feel of the track whilst giving it a modern house edge. Most instrument sounds here are placeholders at the moment, and I'm using the original isolated vocals in here. I really wish I could use them in the final version, but I am almost certain it's against the rules? I'm thinking I will need to find a female vocalist to re-record these vocals. I'd love the original feel to stay intact, but am completely open to somebody making it their own... get in touch! EDIT: SirenStar has kindly jumped on for vocal duties. I'm very excited now! Anyways, this is simple and straight to the point so far, lots of things to add and vary up. Let me know what you think so far! No Death In Love WIP 1.mp3
  2. Demo of a 'trip-hop' arrangement of the classic Wily Stage from Megaman 2. I'm pretty happy with the 'atmosphere' of the song, but it feels pretty static at the moment. I'd like to eventually submit this to OCR, so don't hold back on the feedback! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FJeSCUZvJaCERr0N6xzsWmp3G4Fq93jZ/view?usp=share_link
  3. Hi OC ReMix! I'm very much new here. About a year ago I decided to get into making music as a hobby, and this is one of the first tracks I published. I'm very keen to hear what other people think of it, in particular if it feels too repetitive or if a particular note / chord sounds off. I'm also still trying to figure out the legal standing of creating a track like this and publishing it on a personal YouTube channel, not intending to ever profit from it. I've read some things about synch licences and stuff which I didn't have before publishing this. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Hiro
  4. I did a live stream of me creating this last night, was up until 4am, haha. Source material:
  5. https://dodarchive.dwellingofduels.net/23-04-Free/25-Lucas Guimaraes%2C Cory Johnson%2C ImAFutureGuitarHero%2C Brandon Harnish%2C ThisIsJayC-Chrono Trigger-Tyrano's Stash-DoD.mp3 Original Track: Source Breakdown: 0:00 - 1:00 - Intro from Source 1:01 - 1:41 - A section from Source 1:42 - 2:26 - B Section from Source 2:27 - 3:04 - C Section 3:05 - 3:24 - Combo of sources 3:25 - 4:12 - Chords from Intro, mostly original. 4:13 - 4:41 - Intro from Source motif returned; outro Contributors: Lucas Guimaraes - Arrangement, Saxophones ImAFutureGuitarHero - Bass, Drums, Auxillary Percussion Cory Johnson - Guitars Brandon L. Harnish - Sousaphone ThisIsJayC - Mix Please let me know anything I can fix up before sending it over for OCR Review!
  6. This was done on my computer using a few new tools I got. I think it sounds good, so I thought I would set it to ready for review. Thanks ahead of time! Remix https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_LDzIZmGeu39I8OeLZRF8GSaBYgCgJYM/view?usp=sharing Original
  7. I'm hoping to make it for Mario Month, but if not, I'll sub anyways! Anyhoo, this is an 80s, Giorgio Moroder-style mix of Rainbow Road & Moon. I have the rough song down, the basics are down and ready for me to go fill them with vocals - lots of stuff to do! This WIP doesn't have the vocals yet... I'm actually heading out on my property to sit and write them as we speak. I've cut out the intro, because I've yet to make a start on it. I might reprise the intro theme somewhere after the first chorus before it swings back into the main theme. The second repeat of the verse section will likely be extended, with the first bit, with a mix of vocals and a synth guitar solo section. The main bell in the 'BELL' version of the WIP just contains a placeholder DX-7 bell line to fill in space before the vocals hit, and it's basically just plays the main source melody straight. The bells will stay, likely as accents in the mix. I've included an instrumental version of the WIP without the bell too, if you're interested. I'm using a combination of Linn Linndrum samples, and Roland JUNO-106, Jupiter-8, SYSTEM-8 soft-synths and Dexed for the DX-7 bits so far. I've left the Juno synth noise in there for texture and character. I still have lots of flourishes and synth whooshes to add, along with extra percussion to add to the main beat, so it sounds a bit bare at the moment, but it will get there. Like I said, there's lots of work still to do! MK7 Rainbow Road (Moon) WIP 1 - Bell Version Mario Kart 7 Moon BELL.mp3 MK7 Rainbow Road (Moon) WIP 1 - Instrumental Version Mario Kart 7 Moon INST.mp3 Let me know what you think, and as always feedback is welcome
  8. Here's a bunch of tracks I've remixed over the years. Looking back on this, I can say I got progressively better - but would love to hear a critique or 2. Have at you!
  9. Hellooooooo! It has been a while, eh? I have been listening to a lot of early-to-mid 90s Cyberpunk influenced soundtracks and albums as of late. I've also slowly been getting back into music, thanks to my husband, who has been nudging me to re-kindle my love for music production. So I've decided to do some remixes to basically get back into shape. So yeah, started this yesterday. This is the original Myst by way of Snatcher & Burn-Cycle, pretty much. This mix incorporates elements of both the Myst Theme and Un-finale into a moody 90s Cyberpunk Redbook-style track. Source 1: Un-Finale Source 2: Myst Theme Still composing, so I haven't paid attention too much to the mixing or transitions. The themes are relatively untouched at the moment, but will be elaborated on more as the track progresses. The Synth Vox main lead and subtle harmony line in second repeat are likely to change and could be considered placeholders for the moment. I am limiting myself to exclusively to the Korg M1 Soft Synth and both the Roland D-50 and Sound Canvas VSTs for two reasons; to keep me focused, and to stay true to the inspiration behind the track. I may bring in another older-style soft-synth for more effects at some stage, but at this stage, it's 80s + 90s sounds all the way Feedback is welcome, and it's good to be back!!! MYST x Snatcher WIP 1.mp3
  10. I'm on a chillhop / lofi beats creative binge at the moment, and was wracking my brain trying to think of a videogame track I might be able to remix into that style. Tears of... (or Good Ending) seemed like a simple yet effective source to play with, so here are. I mostly made this to include as a bonus track for an album, but though it might pass muster here? It might be a bit too conservative in it's source usage to be accepted, but I thought I'd pass it through the workshop to see how it did.
  11. My first post here, and I am sure I have a lot to learn. I am having fun doing it though! The original intent was to be vapor-wavy, kind of like that VHS sound, but curious if I went too far or I mixed too much up. The song: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rjSQNr9D91GsH8Cd2joCuqavcY0g75Wk/view?usp=sharing Sources:
  12. Hey all, Got some awesome feedback from the judges and was asked to resub, but as usually I might have overdone it Original track: The rejected mix: The latest version: https://files.jneen.net/ocremix/bwt2.flac wav version in case your browser can't open flac... -----> https://files.jneen.net/ocremix/bwt2.wav <---- EDIT: just to summarize what i did and the feedback i'm looking for: * i did change up the drums at 1:12, but i'm afraid they distract from the fun sfx layers now. it's still probably better than just continuing the break as-is, though, i'm not sure. * i added a whole new section at 2:22-ish where i resampled the previous sliced break and did more old-school chopping to create a half-tempo beat, and then added a brass section with other mario theme callbacks. (the non-8-bit version of the original in the game also does this with the smb1 ground theme, i just also added a bit of smb3 and smb1 underground). this section kind of ramps up the tension a lot for a track i'd originally envisioned to just kind of be * i got a good deal of feedback on the mix, which i did address some of - but i do kind of like the melody floating in over the hills with the bass and drums close by. maybe i'm just used to sitting in rhythm sections EDIT (19 Mar): updated the mix, fixed a few techincal problems (renoise tracker effects get hecked when combined with phrases sometimes...)
  13. Steel Giant remix Steel Giant Original It is rough with ideas. Open to suggestions or collab. I put together what I thought would be closer to a reimagining if the battle music were given a different style. Ideally, the guitars would be more significant if they were real (I just can't MIDI guitar). Thanks for listening
  14. Latest WIP (updated 3/26): Original source: I'm really excited about this track and hoping to get it to a point where it can be submitted for OCR. I feel like I'm most of the way there but it still needs a little work and I'd love your feedback! I arranged and recorded or programmed everything except the voice of Madeline, who is performed by the wonderful ElusiveBac0n. I'm also hoping to feature another one of my friends on the sax solo, but that's not recorded yet so there's a virtual one for now. I'd love your feedback on anything at all that you think isn't quite working or up to OCR's standards. From the arrangement to the performance to mixing and mastering, anything at all you hear that's not there yet. I think it might be like 80% there but if not I'm willing to make big changes if necessary. Thank you for your time!
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EZAkmJNGteO9CLOF74O6JhNShvK2QKf9/view?usp=drivesdk This is in the early early stages. Like maybe 5% or so done but I wanted to post it as proof of concept I guess on my direction before I really dig into it with all the other instruments and verses to come promise more updates in the future!
  16. I guess I'm just looking for suggestions on how to further develop this and where to go with it. Started this morning and kinda just kept going, could use some fresh ears and brain cells. https://on.soundcloud.com/4xFBL
  17. An attempt at the pyramid theme from Dragon Warrior 3. It's a WIP, no mastering done and work needed, as well as needing to be made longer. Feedback greatly appreciated! Remix https://drive.google.com/file/d/1__BRpUZ8nE10HlDdIknXW3mpx1t0sdgj/view?usp=share_link Original
  18. I'm Me~ Roxas' Soliloquy(1st pass): http://www.sndup.net/wnyq (Diz really treats roxas like dirt at the beginning of KH2): Inspired by these:
  19. The vocals in the original are done in a way that I felt I could get away with using a synthetic voice in the remix since it's not about trying to sound real. It's a stylistic choice that's somewhat similar to the original and hopefully the robotic, unnaturalness is OK because of the mostly monotone melody. Also feel no need to make it longer as the original is also short. I'm probably wrong on both points so any feedback is appreciated. Original: Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KhL_yGGx7lIQ0Vm2QKaOE6Cz_tzK11lf/view?usp=share_link
  20. After my first OCR rejection I finally got the gumption to get up and back on the keys lol. I dunno why this song but it felt right and I had some fun ideas. Probably gonna extend the beginning maybe twice as long and then go into the little surprise in the middle but we will see. At some point it kinda just cuts out most of the instruments and thats where I stopped. I guess we will see where the road takes me this time! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQujqMGaY04r-7QzLJSrvA8jAEwPb1i5/view?usp=sharing
  21. Hi, it's been a while since I've visited this site and coming back here gave me a rare peace of mind that comes from seeing something that has, thankfully, never changed. This site and the amazing remixes people have made helped me more than the authors may ever know. Thanks for all your sick tunes but a special mention to Unreal Tournament - Foregone Destruction. Man, that tune spoke directly to my soul but also to my love of popping heads in that awesome map! A few weeks ago the main theme for the original Tomb Raider popped up in my head out of the blue and since I've been into synthwave lately I thought I'd have a bash at a remix. I always preferred this game over the later ones purely because of the puzzle like aspect to the movement and that theme music is just like when the sun hits that ridge just right. I'm working on some better mastering at the moment and perhaps the arrangement or something needs work. Hope you like it! Edit: Version 2 has some tweaks to the overall sound. Added some light EQ, sat, comp and a touch of reverb. Edit: Version 3 has a more polished flow, new melody and some high hat stuff as well as a better overall mix though I think it still needs a tad more umphh.
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