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  1. I probably won't ever try to submit or update this, just an experiment with FL studio mobile that I happen to like. DW1 walk theme 5_25_2022.wav
  2. After my first OCR rejection I finally got the gumption to get up and back on the keys lol. I dunno why this song but it felt right and I had some fun ideas. Probably gonna extend the beginning maybe twice as long and then go into the little surprise in the middle but we will see. At some point it kinda just cuts out most of the instruments and thats where I stopped. I guess we will see where the road takes me this time! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQujqMGaY04r-7QzLJSrvA8jAEwPb1i5/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hey everyone! I'm going to be working on a developed version of the FF6 Opera Scene "Maria and Draco". I'm getting singers to record themselves playing, but here's a short promo vid of the piece!!
  4. Hi, it's been a while since I've visited this site and coming back here gave me a rare peace of mind that comes from seeing something that has, thankfully, never changed. This site and the amazing remixes people have made helped me more than the authors may ever know. Thanks for all your sick tunes but a special mention to Unreal Tournament - Foregone Destruction. Man, that tune spoke directly to my soul but also to my love of popping heads in that awesome map! A few weeks ago the main theme for the original Tomb Raider popped up in my head out of the blue and since I've been into synthwave lately I thought I'd have a bash at a remix. I always preferred this game over the later ones purely because of the puzzle like aspect to the movement and that theme music is just like when the sun hits that ridge just right. I'm working on some better mastering at the moment and perhaps the arrangement or something needs work. Hope you like it! Edit: Version 2 has some tweaks to the overall sound. Added some light EQ, sat, comp and a touch of reverb.
  5. I think at some point I stopped looking at this as more of a remaster project and more something I wanted to take to a more remix level. Not really sure what to do though? But I definitely would like to do more with this in the future. It loops once so after the first run through its the same song. If you have any ideas I'd appreciate any feedback!
  6. This is a work in progress remix. Feedback appreciated. Original Three's A CrowdWIPmp3.mp3
  7. It's been forever since I posted here. I'm happy to be back and doing what I enjoy again. I want share a rough draft of one of my newest projects. It is a chillhop remix of Aria Math from Minecraft. It feels kind empty now, but I have a lot to add. Please check it out and let me know what you think of it so far. Original song: Listen to (WIP) Minecraft-Blue Magic OcReMix by NoTuX on #SoundCloud
  8. Phantasy Star II - Restoration - An arrangement album (Sorry if this is an inappropriate place for this thread. Move if need be.) Introduction: Hey OCR Folks, it's been a long time. This is the first project and music remixes i've actually worked on in 4 to 5 years. (Last complete thing I made was an audio restoration project for Grandia II https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673761272 ) So i'm a little rusty. The reason it's been so long is that in 2016 through a myriad of unknown circumstances I acquired Tinnitus in both my ears along with some major sinus issues and something wrong with the left side of my jaw that has caused a variety of symptoms in my left ear that i've had to learn to deal with. (The biggest issue being for whatever reason more low frequency sounds seem to travel through my left side of my head more than the right. And so listening to audio with bass it sounds more localized in my left ear and slightly off center and not entirely unidirectional.) Learning to live with this stuff took a long time to not only acclimate to, but to get over the extreme anxiety of never being able to hear really the same as I used to. One day I was fine, one day I randomly woke up and my whole world was changed. And so I thought I had to give up audio and music forever. I did try to start a few things here and there after 2016 but could never overcome my anxiety to finish. I uploaded a few on my soundcloud Something you could do to be helpful as well. I've only ever played part of Phantasy Star II, never finished it and I watched my older brother play through parts of it a lot when I was younger. (I was born 2 years after release) and so while I am familiar with the music and love it. There is a lot of context to some of these I am missing. So if anyone could provide useful hints about where or how pieces of music are played (For songs I haven't already posted a WIP for) that would be very helpful for inspiration Restoration - Current WIP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yzQDh5vofXpNKiHUEUjTcDoTZWZqv2V4/view?usp=sharing Basically finished and loopable. I'll come back much later to make adjustments with a clean head. Step up - Current WIP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q9G4tk3cujM5CqJ7XHii6bZDOvhTsOkz/view?usp=sharing Song is almost finished, last sections don't have all parts in yet, but I wonder if the ending doesn't work? A Prologue - Current WIP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IjI-ikQpJPlQPdKoyO8GfArAJg6dp7LT/view?usp=sharing This one is fairly far along. Polished sequencing/performances and a lot more developed mixing and arrangement changes. (Plus a reference to Phantasy Star 1!). A prominent feature of the first half of this "Nightmare" is a Heartbeat driving the song. The arrangement is a lot more fleshed out and additional sections of music have been added. Overall I feel like this song really wants to channel some Vanegllis and Blade Runner. Subconsciously, those are what my brain goes to with "Space!" Bracky news - Current WIP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kBuadh82dQrVpgQCGgFcuvKRJMwZXE7D/view?usp=sharing Another song that started out as a *very* short original piece of music. Like 16 seconds. The composition is extended to almost 1.5 minutes with variations of the core composition to make a longer loop. This one gave me the most trouble so far trying not to go too overboard and make something that won't be fitting to hear in game. There are more guitars because I can't help but think about Metal when I see this guy http://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/ps2weaponshop2.png So I wouldn't be opposed to scrapping this arrangement and starting from scratch for something more "Blip Bloopy Spacey" Mystery - Current WIP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1957JaRXvnb21sCb0-YTqePaiJgMTYwWu/view?usp=sharing The song is blocked out and essentially done foundation wise.Basic mixing and placeholder instruments until Arturia fixes one of their plugins. Phantasy Pressure - Still been plugging away at it here and there trying to get close what I originally envisioned in my head. Still a lot placeholder performances for bass/guitar solos and stuff. But the foundation is there. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EfFFAfDj-fF5JW034s7O82aHjm7l9VqP/view?usp=sharing Pleasure My Home - There are some gaps in the lines later on but I think it's blocked out. Tried to keep the structure more simple this time but let me know your thoughts if you have any. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RKZ5GpZabyuBoUtiLdGgW-89xsUt_cKU/view?usp=sharing Rise or Fall Movement Advanced - I've had the hardest time with this one. Go easy on me will ya?? Vocoder still misbehaving. And lots of clipping so please forgive it! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZiOMMuLTKTLqwikwlIXBzRw0gjXY0vJS/view?usp=sharing Secret Ways Over - Song is blocked out. Basic mixing, let me know what you think! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1txu6qum7n4Cy7HbI3-w3msOVORE4ugRc/view?usp=sharing Silent Zone - Rough mixing perhaps but the song is taking the kind of shape I wanted https://drive.google.com/file/d/18S0nCqho9NAicq5f0iB68_-Ecc6H_2h4/view?usp=sharing Excite Town - Final WIP for blocking out Excite Town. Lots of little things to change when final pass is done later. Quite like how most of this turned out https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FP7TrmFhhT-4t0f_b8k1wc2CZ6ADGU3D/view?usp=sharing Violation Power - Blocked out. I like this. But other times I hate it. /shrug https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lw68HYE-Gy69bLgDjKwczhKhs-bkpjBh/view?usp=sharing Under Death Place Exclaim Never Dream This will probably take a while to finish between working full time and trying to do other stuff. But i'm more motivated the more I go on,though I have to mind my ears. Some days with Tinnitus are worse than others and that can affect my sound perception. And worst come to worst if I can't finish i'll just release the few songs that are finished eventually. Nya??
  9. A still very much work a progress arrangement for piano trio, in this case piano, violin and cello. It's a lot of fun to bounce the melody between the different instruments to give them all their spotlights. Spinning counterpoints from previous melody snippets is such a great cheat (the cello line at 1:30 is the best example). List of to-dos: The second half is entirely missing and should be a much more virtuoso style. Vibrato automations need more work to sound more convincing in a lot of places. Bow changes and slurs are super halfbaked. Bow pressure and bow positions need to be automated for more realism. Try to give the cello more body in higher registers. Maybe try multiband up-compression? All instruments are modeled and don't use samples. It's amazing not having to fight them to get them to do what I want or wrestle with sampling limitations and inconsistencies. The downside is that you have to explicitely tell them what to do in excruciating detail. 20220421.ogg
  10. Hi all! It's been a while! My career has taken off but in the back of my heart and mind I have had such a special place for video game music, esp. the games that meant a lot to me when I was a kid. Plus I freakin' love Lord of the Rings. Plus I've had a now... I guess lifelong-dream of getting a mix on OCR. So here we are, my friends. My remix: https://1drv.ms/u/s!As7ItUUwLqAujb0ep4xeQjbMwDi_IQ?e=PSstbK Original here (first 4 minutes or so): I'd love to know what you think of the arrangement as well as the instrument balance. Any other feedback welcome, of course. Defiance
  11. https://youtu.be/DaOltcaEnhY I would dare to say this one could be called the Start Screen theme as well, but for me it's the World Map theme when you watch the very beautiful scene of when you're circling around Yoshi's Island (at least I thought it was beautiful back in 96'). The reason why I did this remix now is because it holds an old memory from 1996 when me and my brother got Yoshi's Island for christmas, hence this is my holiday remix ­čśâ This was our first christmas after my aunt's husband passed away 6 months earlier, so we went up north to where she lived and spent both christmas and new year's eve with her. I remembered the huge amount of snow we had and that we played a lot outside - until we opened this christmas gift with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island inside (and by a coincidence we had brought our SNES unit lol). With this remix I think I kind of honor the memory of my aunt's husband, and also Yoshi's Island itself since it holds a great deal of memories to me and my brother. It's not one of those intense and very "synthwavey" tracks I've made, but there is emotions and a chill atmosphere over it, just like when you're walking in crunchy/creaky snow by night and everything is completely silent except the sound of your own footsteps on the snow. As you probably have noticed I took a complete break from my remixing this holiday, which I spent only with family and friends. But to be honest, I started with this remix like a week before christmas, but on a very basic level. However, this last weekend I tried to complete it more and more, and just last night I think I did the last thing (edit: No. I did the last adjustments on my lunch break today). The remix: starting off with some chilly wind FX and slowly fading in the original arpeggio with my alternate main synth. Then I put some chords on the arpeggio to make it more groovy and dynamic. When the melody kicks in the song is quite naked, no played chords. I separated the melody section into 4 parts, where part 1 and 3 is very naked, 2 and 4 are backed up with chords. After the melody sections there is a variation of the main melody over different chords with a jazzy touch. Then it goes straight into an atmospheric break where I start to build up for my solo part. You could do so much beautiful things with those chords. After the solo section I'm finishing the remix with a naked outro and some sound FX from the original SNES game.
  12. Not quite finished, i skipped the lengthy intro. Thanks in advance for any feedback. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OrU5hgorvEjfwqnvYZOTwO7bwMIUpTXz/view?usp=drivesdk
  13. Hey all, first remix here. I've tried re-imagining Sonic's Casino Night Zone with a more "adult" lounge/VIP feel. I don't have a lot of experience working with this genre so any input is appreciated! Original Track Remix
  14. Remix Source: Be sure to listen carefully, I did some original touches with the chromatic (harp) stuff, especially. Hopefully that's enough to push it into post-able territory. I think there is some post-rendering issues and possible f**k-ups with the operatic singer. What else is there that could be touched up upon? So ya, I made this one for MnP131, but looking to get it posted at OCR. Any feedbacks? No blowing smoke up my ass - those who're friends of mine!! Or else CDI Ganon will make your faces the GREATEST in Metroid Other M.
  15. This is a work in progress remix of the World of Ruin overworld theme, Searching for Friends. I've gotten some new software lately, and this is using some of that. Feedback welcome!:) I do know that the EQ and loudness aren't where they should be, and the kick needs to be worked on:) Also, some humanization on the SID-style leads is needed. Lookin' For BuddiesWipMp3.mp3
  16. SoundCloud Link above. Just sharing a section of what I'm working on. This is a section of my medley, Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger. I threw in licks from two songs I previously ReMixed. It's still raw and unmixed, but any feedback would be appreciated. Take care! -ymK
  17. So I finished this up today, and I like how it sounds. Feedback appreciated, and original linked for comparison. Three's A Crowd Submission.wav
  18. Three's A CrowdFL.mp3 This is a short work in progress I thought I would throw up here. It's less than half done, but I thought I might try to get some feedback:)
  19. This is a remix I did on FL Studio mobile, and uploaded to Soundcloud. I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. I think Soundcloud altered the sound this a little. The sub bass seems a little enhanced compared to the WAV file, and 1k-2k seems a little suppressed. Thanks for feedback ahead of time!
  20. Hello, while watching my partner play ACNH I would constantly hear the Dodo Airlines transition screen and it got stuck in my head. It was so engrained in my mind that I decided to make a disco track based on the 7 second sound sting. I do wonder if it's enough to be considered a cover since the source material is only 7 seconds, hence why I am submitting for review. Thanks!
  21. This is my first shot using orchestral stuff. It's a wip, so it's not polished. It needs volume adjustments at the very least, and also this first section doesn't have much interpretation, but I would like feedback on other aspects. Thanks!
  22. Hi everyone, I just finished my cover of David Wise's "Aquatic Ambience" from Donkey Kong Country. I primarily used analog synthesizers to compose most of this song. Let me know what you think!
  23. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G5guMsucceZUA9aFqm-KbfEI-3oYR-sN/view?usp=sharing Funky's theme from DKC, done in grimy reggae style. Not sure where I want to go with it from here
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