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  1. https://vimeo.com/118598425

    It would be great to get some feedback, so if you have any thoughts let me know what you think


    I should probably share how I went about creating some of the more interesting sounds:

    - The monster roars are created initially by dragging a chair across a wooden floor, then processed with distoritions and pitch shifts

    - Some of the above water splashes were recorded by layering up sounds of splashing water in a bath tub

    - The underwater sounds were recorded by putting a condom on an old microphone and holding it underwater

    - The 'energy shield' sounds were all synthesised using subtractive synthesis

    - The 'engery blast' sounds were created using gunshot recordings and modifying them with various filters, delays and pitch shifts

    - The electricity sounds are a mixture of synthesis and layers of electricity zap sound effects

    If you have any questions about how I did other parts, or you want more specific details let me know!

  2. Hey! So I'm currently working on a Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 remix and could really do with some female vocals.

    The ReMix itself is part 'Kiss Me Sunlights' (ZOE 1)

    and part 'Beyond The Bounds' (ZOE 2)

    I'd be looking to submit this as a 50/50 collaboration as far as credit is due.

    Send me a message if you're at all interested or if you have any questions at all, and we'll take it from there! I do have a very early WIP version to hear upon request.


  3. Am I the only person that hated it?

    I thought it was full of plot holes, there were so many points where the characters just seemed to make rediculous decisions just so it would add to the action. I really didn't like the Mandarin plot and felt cheated by it, and that Guy Pearce's character was far too generic and had been done before in the first two films.

    And I know most people loved the comedy side of things, but I felt it was all just too much and became very cringeworthy very early on (don't get me started on the kid).

    Haven't left the cinema so dissapointed for a long time

  4. Such a good game, I don't think I've been this scared of a game since Resident evil 3 when Nemesis used to just show up randomly. I urge you all to play it, it's free on both PC and MAC, which is nice,

  5. Been a while since I posted in the workshop. Anyway, so I've been working on this remix, possibly the most ambitious remix i've attempted:


    of this source:

    Problem is I'm stuck thinking of what to do for the 'verses' (first verse starts at 0:52 and ends at 1:19 in my remix) where in the original there's really quick singing in a made up language (e.g. at 1:24 in the original), that I just can't do myself. So what I need is suggestions for what to do in those parts? ALL IDEAS WELCOME, I'd even go for a collaboration if someone thinks they can fit some vocals in there.

    Oh and all general feedback would be appreciated too, but be aware this is still in arrangement mode, and therefore not properly mixed yet, sorry it's a bit quiet at the moment.

  6. I don't want randoms from the internet seeping into my personal life in any way shape or form unless invited.

    In my opinion, stealing and selling other's work is an invitation for things to get personal, I think contacting his mother is a genius move. Him saying 'Oh i really sorry i wont do it again!' doesn't really ensure he is genuinely sorry and won't do it again, granted contacting his mother doesn't guarantee this either, but given how much he wanted to avoid his family's involvement I'd bet they could do a better job of punishing him than any of us could.

    This guy brought everything upon himself

  7. I don't see the problem here at all, no one seems to be saying that the winners didnt deserve to win, therefore the best tracks got the prizes, ultimately that's all that matters right?

    The best track could have had an average of 1.7, it would still be the best track, and therefore still worthy of the prizes. So yeah, I don't see why so much fuss is being made about a suposedly low average score. The competition was as fair as it could possibly have been in my eyes

  8. 4th! Oh that's agonizingly close! At least it was by 12 points, would be more painful if it were by a point or two.

    I'm so happy with that 4th place really though, I knew it would be extremely difficult to make the top three after hearing all the entries, so big congratulations to XPRTNovice, DDRKirby, Rexy and Sole Signal!

    And of course well done to everyone else, loads of enjoyable entries, and a big thanks to Zircon

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