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  1. Awesome! I wouldn't mind that being an album. But then again, more of those arrangements would be even cooler.
  2. I think this was the best joke this year. I mean sure, the album wasn't real, but it was kinda good (especially Zircon ft. Sean Paul). I can't imagine how awesome the real one will be.
  3. Yo, peepz! I wanted to ask if there is any news about remixing Breath of Fire OSTs (1-5) - would you do it? I would very appreciate it and I'm sure Matt23 here would be as well. I'm just listening to FF6-OCRs and was playing BoF3 when I had the idea. So what about it, guys? I'm looking forward to an answer from your side and would be very thankfull if you'd take on this project. Sincerely SignZ