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  1. Just to emphasize what I said before, good stuff. Submit something else. ^^; This is extremely high quality stuff, and to get praise from so many people like this right after the amazing Squaresoft Variation or whatever he called it, is something else. I listen to your piece more, however - you captured the flow of the original perfectly, what the song was meant to embody - improved upon it, made it better, which is the job of the remixer. Excellent work, recieves "Always In Playlist" status from me. ^^;
  2. Heh. Nice work there, Jose. You've got yourself a winner. Good interpretation of the elements in the original track, flowing rewritten lyrics that still stay true to the original theme of the songs. Maybe trying to work the part with "just believe in myself won't rely on others" into would have added to the quality of the mix. I don't know - I can just still hear it the whole entire time I listen to your mix. Like that insert of K-N-U-C-K... etc, it gave a good break to the general flow of the mix to change it up a bit and make it less repetitious. Very high quality stuff. Keep the rap mixes coming, my friend. Or just SA Vocals for that matter - this is extremely well done, and one of the best things we've gotten on OCR the past year.
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