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  1. As far as I know, I haven't panned the kick drum? Strange... maybe I made a mistake somewhere, I'll have a look when I revise the track. But, as you stated correctly without a doubt, kicks should be in the middle. I'll also have a look at the leads. As I'll mention below, taking out bass will help already, I think. Thank you. Yeah, I noticed the thread now. Again, n00bness on my side... You're probably right about MySpace cramming the file in. After a couple of listens just now, I felt the same way. I still find the producing part quite hard. I've listened to the track over and over again,
  2. Being the n00b that I am on this forum, I didn't realize this subforum was there. I've already "officially submitted" this song to OCR, but this might've been best to do first. Ah well, if the judges reject it and want it resubmitted, at least I'll have more feedback to work with before I resubmit. Anyway, I finished this track a couple of days ago. It's an old school eurotrance remix of the Bryyo cliffside theme of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Here's the link to the source material on YouTube: And here's the link to my MySpace, where I uploaded it: http://www.myspace.com/skyggesang The tra
  3. This is quite a good track! The instruments sound swell and I think they were nicely picked together. They make for an orchestral feel, but also keeping the electronicness in it, which I love. I can still picture this track more or less in a game like Super Mario Galaxy. I don't know your old drum track (n00b here), but this one fits well, in my opinion. It has some great, unexpected touches in it, like at 01:18, where you added a break mid-melody, and 02:53, the extra bar of fade in. And most of all, the subtle melody of the Overworld theme of Super Mario Bros.. That put a smile on my face.
  4. Thanks a lot for this thread! It took me hours of fruitless searching on the web before I realized OCR might have a small collection of links...
  5. Well, let's introduce, then. My nick's Skyggesang, from the Netherlands, 20 years old. I love game soundtrack since I started gaming at age 4 or so and when I found this site, I was really glad I wasn't the only one with such a weird taste in music (as everyone kept telling me ). I'm actually remixing a bit myself, though I'm not nearly as good as I would like to be, listening to some of the stuff here. I submitted a new track yesterday, so I'm awaiting the review on that one. Ah well, at least I play some physical instruments too.
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