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  1. Hello guys, I'm Dominic (just call me Koh) and I'm 17. I may be fresh meat here, but I'm graduating high school this year! I love to develop games; programming and scripting is very fun and creative; maybe I'll post some of my games sometime? Anyway, nice to meet you all!
  2. Hey, Ben, remember me? It's Dominic Brooks, the guy you use to work on TLoZ: Pearl of Darkness with! I know, its been a LONG time; I've been wanting to talk to you and catch up, see how things are going, but I dunno if yuo log into the messenger anymore; Is the email I have obselete? You can add this email address to your messenger list to stay in contact with me: This year, I'm a 12th grader; about to graduate, and I cannot wait for it :). Still have the desire, will, and strength to become a Video Game Programmer; my skills have matured FAR past my abilties before, so if you ever want to do another project full on, just contact me. Great to see you're still around though, and I look forward to catching up =).