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  1. Thank you. I have been trying to work on a lead in. And after the first few times I listened to it, I think I know what you mean. It would tend to get annoying. this is exactly what I wanted by the way. Very constructive and you gave me pointers. I came here first because I think my wife is just too nice for her own good when it comes to me and too biased. I wanted some one to pick it apart for what it is and give me exactly what you gave me, not just tell me its very good and that they like it. Thank you I'm going to work on reworking it today. hopefully I will get closer to what I'm looking for. I never expected my first try to be great. And as you said don't give up, and I don't plan too.
  2. Hello i am ODH stands for Orin DoomHammer. i found this site thanks youtube and it inspired me to acctualy create a remix. so i tryed my hand and posted it in the wip section. just thought id say hi.
  3. Im new to makeing remixes and music in general i been working on this for a bit and though i would get some opinions before submit this. let me know what you think. http://wacoopticon.webs.com/atmaBattle_DanceREMIX.mp3. be gentile its my first ever remix.