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  1. i meant the sword itself, not a broadsword and anyway, he made a bunch of swords just named after him, nameless ones if you will, and thats one of the ones my friend has, but whatever, i didnt come here to argue about japanese swords, i came here to remix music and make new friends/ compatriots
  2. hey, as you can see im Masamune5, im a big fan of all sorts of mideaval, imperial, etc. weaponry, i found this awesome game, chrono trigger, and the game was awesome and i saw frogs/glenns master sword, the masamune and i just flipped out, cuz my friend got a hold of the exact same sword and he spent TONS of cash on it (crafted centuries ago, i think there was like 1800 made or something, says on wikipedia) and so i decided to stck with that username, and then i came across a remix of the final battle of chrono trigger, saw it said OCR, and there was a link in the description to this site, and ive been meaning to register for a very long time, but never got around to it. my family is very musical so i decided to try and make my own remixes, but if my first ones suck, its cuz im recording and over-recording (dont know the term) from my crappy little keyboard straight into y computer, so bear with me on this, and im looking to be a great follower of this site, and its many great and talented artists