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  1. look what you made me do, dig up my old account and log in. ReCapitated was a far more masterful album. I think the issue with your project is that it wasn't focused enough. You should take that kickstarter money and go back to the drawing board and maybe do a FULL 3 CD album of just the battle theme from FF III/VI. only then will true greatness be achieved!
  2. its great damn it now i wanna play morrowind again. my only nit pick is that its listed as an xbox game while its also on the PC
  3. Jet Grind Radio was one of thoes games i never thought could be remixed and done well. Im Happy to say this proves me wrong. This mix is defantely in the spirit and feel of the game and makes me wanna bust out my dreamcast and fire up JGR. the sample quality is phenominal and it really shows as unlike alot of older games on the cart based systems it would be very difficult to do a mix with out heavily sampleing the original pieces with out it sounding very flat and or pale compaired to the original works. It feels like somthing that should be on the JGR soundtrack and thats the way it should be. The tracks on JGR were so perfect this is about the only way to "remix" them and do them justice bravo!
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