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  1. First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to provide me with such detailed and insightful feedback! Bass Drum: I had issues with the bass- I was trying to find something really heavy and ended up discovering the beauty of combinator patches. I added a "Deep Bass" combinator patch and turned it way up! I noticed that it seemed to want to take over the world, and each kick literally drowned out the piano. I think I may try turning it down a bit more, and see if that helps. EQ:As far as using the EQ for each instrument...How do I make that happen? Is that in that part of the mixer? Or the knobs on each instrument? Sorry for my lack of jargon- I'm really not familiar with the musical technical terms. 1:20-1:37: Unfortunately I'm using my laptop to write music and therefore write using my laptop speakers (or occasionally my headphones). I wasn't able to tell what the pad you were referring to was. I am notorious for having awful percussion... It's the hardest part for me, but I know it's extremely important in giving a song it's drive... Do you think that overall the percussion wasn't too dull? Also, I have issues with EQ and dynamics (since I'm used to writing midi's where you don't have much of a choice). I wonder if playing a bit with dynamics more might fix most of these issues. Although... I have touble with dynamics in Reason 4. *sighs* I miss you line tool
  2. Whew okay! I've posted it. *Keeps fingers crossed* I feel oddly nervous, but still very excited. Thanks so much for answering my question, I won't worry about avatar's for now, I updated my signature instead! Tehe. Do you remix?
  3. Hello! ^ ^;; This will be my first submission (an original composition); just joined today. I used my Midi Maker to Reason method on this one and I think it turned out pretty well. I've never submitted anything or really let anyone else listen to my compositions so any feedback is welcome! If you can make the time to listen to it, the link is below. Once you click the link it may take a bit to load in the web page because it is a wav file. I'm working on an MP3 version right now!
  4. I am ridiculously excited! *She blushes* I've been listening to OC Remixes for about 2 years now, and even the shortlived podcast with PixieTrix and Zircon. Up until now I have been attempting to remix my own song and have about 5 incomplete mixes. Been composing music since Mario Paint (15 years ago?) and have enough songs written to have published 10 albums. My biggest issue is the lack of formal training and confidence! I'm really excited to be a member of OCRemix, and was estatic when I realized that there is a place to submit my own submissions. One question- are the custom avatars alotted to only established members? Well off I go to post my first composition for some help! *Crosses fingers* Wish me luck! Thanks!