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  1. Thank you Esker and Willrock for your critiques. I will go forth keeping what you said in mind and I'll report back with my next update. And Esker, I see what you mean with the clap, now. Thanks. I do notice as well that my song makes me relatively sleepy, but it's also very loud, so I'll get to work on that as well. I'm gonna give running around with the drums a try and see if I can make something that I like fit. Thanks a ton for all your help.
  2. Thanks again Esker for your comments. I tried experimenting around with what you suggested: The song sounded empty when I first made it without the claps, they are that kinda "light smash" I needed to be in to drive the beat forward.The claps are already two claps per bar with the exception of the three on the last. I really don't feel drum breaks are necessary, really. I can't think of a way to incorporate them into the theme. Not too sure of what you mean here. The main melody? Tried that one out, although it sounded nice, it wasn't the motion and progression I was looking for, the build-up started too soon. Made it stand out a little more..X3 Been thinking about how to use this one more, I like the layer it adds on top of the sound. Thank you, I hope my final render will be most enjoyable. Thanks for your feedback.
  3. Thank you windkirby. First post has been updated with new link to the most recent version.
  4. Thanks alot, for your input Esker. I've updated the song by adding in a new movement and changing some of the sounds. I got the drums to sound better, but their is still the drop in sound when they come in. I still want to add a little something else for variety. More comments and criticism would be appreciated.
  5. Greetings~ I recently created this it's nowhere near final, at least I don't think so. This is my a slower remix of Sonic Heroes' Casino park, which is a little more upbeat and chaotic. The link for the original song is here: EDITv3: Okay here it is: Comments...I need them to be very constructive. If you gotta be harsh, be harsh by all means. If you would like to re-touch on what I stated above, do so, because then I know what I need to prioritize. Thanks for taking your time to listen and criticize. Here's hopes to an awesome remix for everyone! <3
  6. Hello! I'm GameboyKnight.I'm not very new here, I've been a lurker for quite some time, but I was never really active in the community. I created this account today because I got a new laptop and forgot all my password(Don't judge me).I recently started remixing so maybe this will be the start of an awesome OCrelationship. Haha~
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