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  1. Not really, it was a question out of curiosity hehe. I have some material in spanish but translating things in this kind of writtings usually doesn't transmit the original "feeling" or intention of the author. I'll come up with something, I'm also graduating so I'm a little busy right now, but in a few days I'll be finally free. So I need to put that pen to work! Thx for the quick reply Halcyon!
  2. It may be a stupid question, but how about material in foreign languages? There is no restriction in that way but it would be hard to vote on if no one understands it XD
  3. Danke! I'm listening to them in this moment, hope you don't get to much problems with the voting, good luck and good music!

  4. Hey - you can listen to the mixes right from the competition thread - they're untagged and have been renamed because voting is currently going on, but you can hear the fruits so far :) .

  5. Hey there Bahamut! Do you mind telling me when will you have the results of the Megaman X contest? I'm eager to hear the new ReMixes =)

    Thx in advance!

  6. Hi there! comin' to say hello and congratulate all of you for making this site. Hope to be of service to this community in whatever way I can help. I'd really wish to learn a bit about remixin' or at least learn a little about FL Studio. I love music, all kinds of music and the work you do here is great. Thx in advance and cya 'round!