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    I was in a band called Princess for about 3 years. i just quit that project and im eager to find something new. ive always loved vid game themes and i love covering em. My main medium's the guitar but i play bass, piano, violin and drums as well. Im presently completing an electronic album with a very talented collaborator friend of mine.
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
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    Bass, Piano, drums, violin, vocalist
  1. cheers to my friend for helping me with the vid! this was done before my ffvii theme and without ableton, hence the raunchy sounding guitar. enjoy, and thanks for checking it out! =) ps i promise the next project will be a full remix, including d&b
  2. thanks for the comments! ya theres definitely a drum track in there (albeit a cheesy one) i just used the arrangement i found in some anonymous midi file i dl'ed. oh and hands, totally on the money with the acoustic. i used to a heavy pick to eliminate its percussiveness and just followed the bassline.
  3. thanks for the comments! that hat will make more appearances in the future im sure =)

  4. Funny you should mention that! believe it or not id never got around to ffviii and picked it up like a week ago. im totally down to try the same for that! thanks for the idea =)
  5. heya everyone! a friend of a friend requested this track for me to arrange on guitars. thoughts/critiques are welcomed and appreciated =) thanks for checkin it out! ps i cover a couple diff vid game themes, you can check out my youtube channel
  6. heya peoples! a friend of a friend requested i try putting this together. please comment/critique and enjoy!
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