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  1. Little Big Planet has an OST that uses music that was possibly not written for the game, but in many cases is only well known because of the game. There is also music that was specific to the game. What is the exact call on these songs? Like for LBP, is it only music done by Daniel Pemberton that's allowed, or the other themes too? Also, as a point of interest, apparently all music in The World Ends With You was written for the game but used outside vocalists (except "Lullaby For You," which I think was an external song). Are these still fair game, or because they're attributed to the vocalists do they get removed from availability?
  2. I've been considering SIE for a while, but always talked myself out of it. Ended up getting Exit DS, Dark Spire, and Civilization Revolution whenever I did. That hasn't worked out as well as it probably should have.
  3. Wow, failure on my part. I directed it towards the wrong person, sorry Quirk. Redirect to Horatio.
  4. I like this mix, I think the opening piano would be better if it were played in a different register. It's not mudding up the guitar, but it's not too far away from it. Swapping an octave up or down might be the better choice. The rest of the piano work feels solid. Personally, I feel like the section with the opening theme is the strongest. I'd say to just run with that song instead, or make it feel more like a cameo-solo thing in this one. It would need a lot of variance and playing with, but it could work out to be fantastic. The guitar recording is very loud. That's not really a bad thing, per say, but it does catch the listener off guard initially. Even the harmonics come off a little loud, which isn't normally supposed to happen outside of pinches. I'd like to see this worked on, I like this piece a lot. Quirk: Personally, I'd prefer another guitar mix over another synth one.
  5. The woodwinds made me fall in love <3 Submit this, I don't picture it being rejected.
  6. I'm hearing WAY too much of the original. I've wasted more time than I'd care to admit playing Maple Story, and I can honestly say it needs much, much more variance from the original. Also, the drums annoy the hell out of me. The only time they get interesting is for the weird roll that happens. Otherwise I hear a lot of hat, and that's about it. Disco drums aren't in-your-face either, but they're much, much more fitting for the songs they fall into. This doesn't feel like disco (which generally has less choppy, more fluid soundscapes going on). The sticatto bass can work with disco, but only if you have everything else flowy and huge. I would recommend using the horns a little more heavily throughout, almost like backing chords from a guitar or piano. If this were something played live, the brass section is standing there idly for most of the performance right now, only being used for hits. I'd be a pissed off horn player, personally. I would like to see a MapleStory mix on this site eventually, but I don't think this one's going to be it as it is right now. EDIT: Didn't noticed the "finished" tag, my mistake. In the event of a re-submit, the stuff is offered for consideration.
  7. I feel like a douche for forgetting to vote this time. Then again, I don't know if it would've changed the outcome at all. Either way, grats to all who were involved. I'll read in a bit and critique as I find time to make up for the lack of vote.
  8. I don't know the original piece, but I do know metal. This is awesome, I want to hear more heavy stuff on this site. Perhaps with vox. Great work AMT.
  9. I agree with Rozovian, the snare needs to come down a little. The rest of the instrumentation is pretty good, but seems like they need to cut through various frequencies a little more distinctly. The keyboard solo and flue follow up is pretty cool, I actually think I'd like to hear more of the flute through the mix (but I'm a sucker for wind instruments). Nice work so far.
  10. Besides the obvious answers (Tetris, Final Fantasy, etc) I played the hell out of Road Rash 3D. It hasn't aged very well, but the game was amazing to me when I started playing.
  11. There's definitely a drum track. The middle is an acoustic used to accent bass. It's slightly less strummy than one would expect. However, the hats and can't be replicated by a guitar in the way they're shown.
  12. The opening clean/acoustic sound feels like it needs more dynamics used. It isn't bad, and for the build to the first real push it works, but it almost seems like it could work better. Otherwise, I'm really, really digging this so far. A good song from a favorite of mine done in a style that isn't fucking trance finally = win.
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