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  1. The music: Tripped out and hella funny. The video: More proof (were it ever needed) that Dave Kelly is a freak, pervert, crazy-person, and also rocks hard.
  2. I really don't like this remix much. Yes, while it does do something very different with the music to what the original track was.. I feel it kind of loses the essence of the Demons Crest soundtrack. Yes, the original music was dark and gothic, but it was slow, epic, organ and strings-heavy goth.. Beautiful goth, in other words. Not this, which seems to be the Marilyin (sp?) Manson school of goth. Now, I have eclectic musical taste. I have Rammstein side by side with Ayumi Hamasaki in my playlist, so you can be sure I'll listen to just about anything, but.. Well, I just don't like this much. Okay, this is shameless self-pimping, but I'm hoping someone can do another Demons Crest track, in the spirit of the original version. My request lies on this thread. Read and beware, mortals!
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