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  1. so, we have a remix...of a remix.....of another remix..... there appears to be credit tracks in the MIDI but its all garbled text.. (Japanese?)
  2. thanks Cyril. credit now given.... sweet goddamned jesus! these guys rock!
  3. I'd like to give credit to whoever made the midi I used, if anyone knows, please tell me.
  4. starband decided to take a shit on us,

    ill be back sometime next week i think

  5. hiya, I wouldn't feel too bad, for the longest time I thought i would never be able to play guitar, but now im up to doing so.......poorly....but making progress. good things take time, take some time, find the instrument that works for you when you have found what you like, try to play a tune you know, dont need no lessons to do that singing humming and whistling even has its place. in a nutshell, pick something up and play around with it. eventually something will sound good. i'[d better shut up before I say the wrong thing, Nice to meet ya.
  6. you guys aren't alone, been playing Mario since i was 4, ive seen some stuff on youtube done in mario paint composer (through the fire and flames by dragonforce being imo the most impressive) perhaps I should add it to my tools?
  7. its been a problem ever since its original owner tried to float it down the Columbia river in 1989, (so I'm assuming water damage:banghead:) I'd like to get it working again,(or more likely, replace the pickup) Anyone know how to do this? and what parts I need to find?
  8. Hi, I'm new here, (duh) Ive been trying to learn to play the guitar, (im told ive made great progress in the short time ive been playing) Instruments I have: electric guitars:3 squire 2 stratocaster drifter (Gibson les paul copy) bass Keyboards:1 kasino main software: FL-studio (for guitar distortion and synthesizer effects) Guitar pro (for tabs and midi editing) Amplifyer: Kenwood KR-5030 [things very old, only 100Watts, but its a demon:twisted:] (4 speakers operating pc audio output) PC build: custom so, yeah, none of my stuff is really "top of the line" or "newest of the new" or "really expensive" but im sure ill manage. I hope to remix something some day with what is within my arsenal. Anyway, here I am, and ill go crawl back under my rock now.