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  1. Asking for free copies of commercial software is not allowed on this forum.

  2. I update it, but nothing much changed, I only applied some Automation Volume Clips to reduce the volume of the instruments so it can be more clear to hear the main melody, and added a Delay effect.
  3. The remix is great but in my opnion is very relaxed, too much actually I almost fell asleep here lol Edit: Dude, I was listening the original music that you remixed (Climax Mix), do you know where I can found a VSTi similar to that eletric guitar (or organ, sometimes I don't know for sure if it's a guitar or a organ --') used in the whole sound?
  4. Dude, your beat is good but I think the instruments you chose does not flow well, I mean, looks like one instrument starts out of place, mainly after 1:15. Just my opnion, though. Better wait other people to comment your remix to describe more well than me if this is what I told you is really a problem. =P
  5. Nice indeed. The soundtrack you made passed through all the important places of the game! I loved the Fourside part =)
  6. Should I make a new topic every time I post new material?
  7. Battle 2/Overworld Theme (by me): http://www.4shared.com/audio/i-re6PYx/Battle_2_-_Overworld_Arranged_.html This is the link for the original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULXnfaQg-ZI
  8. Ohhh I understood now XD I'll put some more beats on the drum section and update it, see if it improves something btw, I finished downloading a new .nki sample that i'll use on the other arrange I'm currently producing.
  9. Really nice indeed! I'll inspire this piece of work on my future works too. The custom tracks you made are great! Did you used Midi? What VSTi did you used?
  10. I used a Midi file, but I composited the drum and bass sections myself. And what's a groovier beat that you're talking about?
  11. I want to take some of Shining Force 2 music and arrange it. I arranged so far the "Lively Town" track and tomorrow I'll try make one of the battle themes. Download: http://www.4shared.com/account/audio/4Xj_qCt9/Lively_Town_Arranged_by_Hidan_.html I want really to improve. My friend Rozovian told me that I have some issues with chords and told me to read about it to keep improving. But I want your opnion too so I can improve even more. =)
  12. This looks really good. Too bad I don't have money to buy all those.
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