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  1. >_> I have no knowledge or even an inkling of how to start to learn how to make any kind of music. xD Other than picking up an instrument, but I'm interested in electronic.
  2. Hai! >_> I feel kinda bad though, I don't really have any music skills. I just kinda wanna participate a little.
  3. Ohai! n-n; Long time listener and lurker, first time poster (duh). OC's take up about 90% of my music library, I know, it's sad, but it's soooo delicious. xD So yeah, hi. n-n;
  4. I've looked all up and down, and I haven't seen anything about it. A relatively not-very-popular game, Gemfire, the turn based strategy game, had some awesome music in it. I was hoping someone would be interested enough to do some. Here's a Youtube of someone playing the game. The intro = perfect. It definitely sounds like something this community would do (in terms of how the song sounds, at least. n-n;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAvOcwH1oN4 *crosses fingers*