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    Let's see, I'm a gamer. I'm old enough to know what's what, and young enough to say screw it all. I write poetry and lyrics for instrumentals. I've had a couple requests on occasion from friends but nothing professional.

    I'm more of a "i write this, YOU sing this" even though I try to showcase my own lyrics with my verymuchso untalented voice.
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  1. I bought this game and many other wild arms over the PSN and through gamestop. This remix made me lose track of time whilst the female singer took over my subconscious. I literally just did my college discussion homework to this song and finished it without realizing I was even listening to a song! I enjoyed this, but I can't really tell you which part was amazing, I think the whole piece counts right? 10.00/10.00 (I'm not qualified to judge your work, this is how much -i- Enjoyed this song.)
  2. Holy mother of ******. I had just brought up my phone to text someone while reading the history behind this and your improvement. When at 00:55ish it smacked me in the face with my sub-woofer flaring. I jumped out of my seat at the suddenness of your change. I am in love with the flares of the flute, and this "fake" orchestral business is a load of bullhonkey. There is no such thing as "fake" when it comes to music. It's either Created and Produced Live for you, or it's Created and Produced perfectly via tools for you. Either way, no matter what anyone tells you about your work, you know, an
  3. I have an Indian flute in the back of my room, and a whole host of Oriental instruments and types of things like that. I love flutes and such like it were back then, show casing the calm and quite lives of country folk. Whilst the piano changes the entire pace of this song I do like when it fades into the drawn out emotional sections. When the piano finally does come back with the quick notes at 2:20ish. You feel doused in a world not of your own while you listen to this piece. Needless to say, that's why we all listen to music like this, yes? 8.75/10.00 (I'm not qualified to judge your wor
  4. To tell you the truth, right when it starts to pick up at 00:20 I can see this being in a "sim city" type game where you build and manage your city. Weird I know, I agree this is nice background music. Then at 00:47 or so you recognize fully where this song originated from. It takes you back to "those days" and keeps you there until it's over. 10.00/10.00
  5. I do very much so love Final Fantasy VIII music. And this does do it's source justice when it comes to actually enjoying the song and not particularly judging it by quality or what have you. I for one am one happy listener to have had the pleasure of experiencing this piece of work.
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