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  1. A second server isn't needed, different worlds on the same server would work just as well.
  2. Sounds like a good plan, Technoman helped me rebuild this time, but if this happens again it'd be good to have backups ready to go.
  3. Well, I just logged on to OCAD to find that my entire town has been griefed. The whole town is in ruins, and all items/chests are gone.
  4. Could work, give privileges like "/home" and "/spawn" to donators.
  5. I have to say, this album blew me away. Everything is just done so well. I'm listening through it for the 3rd time right now. My only gripe (it's not even a big one) with the album is I felt soundbites were a bit overused. The bites of Iris and such comes across as a bit cheesy to me, but it's really just personal preference, never been much for sound bites in music. PS: I Whipped up some quick album art to go with The Grand Maverick Remix Battle album that's included in the torrent for personal use, if anyone wants to use it feel free.
  6. My single complaint with this album is the overuse of sound bites. The songs with sound bites of Iris and such come across as a bit corny IMO.
  7. >Shit day at work >Get ripped off by bank, again. >come home, log on, see "Maverick Rising Out" >mfw
  8. So, we are approaching mid-March. WHERE IS MY ALBUM, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I NEED IT NOW!
  9. Well, might as well hop on the bandwagon! Felt a few things could use a little touching up:
  10. As far as good traveling games (easy to play for long periods of time, with good depth, yet not too bulky of games) go, I'd have to highly reccommend the following: ~ Mega Man Battle Network series. These are great games, great music, fun gameplay, lot of game time in em, and a lot to stuff to do in em even after the game is beat. 2 is personally my favorite, but from what I've seen most people like 3 and 5 the best. ~ Mega Man Zero series. Really fun sidescrollers, not overly long, but still have a good amount of game time and development in them. As always, fantastic music. Best to start from the beginning with #1, they're all really good. ~ Fire Emblem series. Awesome RPG/Strategy games. Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics (which is another good choice BTW), but with a lot more depth and character development options. These games have MASSIVE character development with around a hundred characters and multiple ways to upgrade them all. Lots of replay value. The Sacred Stones would have to be the best one IMO, best storyline, character development, length, and difficulty balance. ~ Wario Ware series. Wario Ware is a great mini-game game such as Mario Party, but meant for single player. I warn you, this game is HIGHLY addictive, and has a massive amount of gameplay in it. The first one for GBA is definitely the best. ~ Pokemon series. If I have to explain these games to you, you live under a rock. They are amazing, and you should know that by now.
  11. Okay, got it. Build lots of portals in the nether.
  12. You're right, Mega Man, X, Legends, Battle Network, and Zero all have the same style of gameplay.
  13. I immediately knew this game was going to do bad when they announced it for the 3DS. Making a big game like this, that in ti's time was a console game, into a handheld game for a poorly selling system was like they were setting it up to fail. That's like if 343 decided Halo 4 was going to be for the Vita.
  14. Wow, Capcom really fucked up with this move. This was probably their most anticipated game in a long time, the amount of community support and excitement for this game was massive. The Mega Man series is pretty much dead now. Legends is gone, and isn't coming back. X is gone, and all signs point that that's not coming back either. They're just gonna keep making retro Mega Mans until people get tired of that (which will happen in about 1 to 2 more of them). Battle Network and Zero were good too, but they beat them into the ground. This took away the ONLY reason I had to buy a 3DS. So far, from what I can see, it looks like a LOT of people were either planning on, or already had bought a 3DS specifically for this game. Capcom is just a steaming pile of shit in my eyes now. They've lost all support from me by constantly ignoring the fans and their supporters wants.
  15. For anyone who cares, I have a temporary server running at until OCAD is back up. I always have this running when OCAD goes down.
  16. Really? I thought the train tracks were all locked? Me and tjo_06 were trying to re-route and old unfinished track past knowhere a few days ago and it wouldn't let us.
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