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  1. Really enjoyed working on this and the other tracks are absolutely fantastic. I think the desired atmospheric result was definitely achieved. Big thanks to prophetik and the other artists and staff for finally getting this awesome project to completion
  2. It's the direct rip, so basically every single piece of music in the game is represented, including stuff like item pick-up fanfare, the little songs the instruments make when you pick them up, etc, etc.
  3. Hello! I've been aware of OCR for some time now, just never had a chance to really participate in the community. I've done some remixes in the past, but recently I've been really feeling the need to dust off my keyboard and software programs and get back to that feeling of making interesting sounds. That combined with my life-long video game obsession, really seemed like OCR was the best place to start participating. I'm somewhat linked to OCR already though, as I'm on-staff over at Rainwave (site/OCR thread) primarily focusing on evaluating and uploading original video game material for the Rainwave station. I'll also be at PAX East, so I look forward to introducing myself there as well. I already have my eye at contributing to a project here at OCR, so hopefully that pans out. Either way, pleasure to be here!