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  1. A very very nice assortment of tracks all around. Kudos to the artists, I can't wait to get the finished product.
  2. And again, those images were samples, not submissions.
  3. Um, as I said, those are samples of my work. I wasn't giving those to use.
  4. I'd be glad to contribute some artwork. I mostly do Sonic art, but I have done some Mega Man work as well Here are some samples of my work, though they are a bit dated:
  5. Knuckles needs to take off those steel adorned and soled shoes so he can jump higher.
  6. Oh I don't mind a challenge, though the boss is just meh.
  7. That was an amazing sound, especially for one of the most detested levels in oldschool Sonic history XD I cannot wait to hear the rest.
  8. lol Thanks for the welcome. I hope to be able to contribute something in this community, even if I'm not very musically talented.
  9. Perhaps a medley of some of the short blips of music? Got Chaos Emerald, Invincible, Drowning, Extra Life, etc. Probably a really bad idea but if you don't want repeated tracks, that's the only option I see. Hi everyone, by the way, I'm new heh. Saw this thread and I knew I had no reason to put off joining.