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  1. I'm only about 3-4 worlds deep, but as an old-school fan who was cautiously optimistic, I was pleasantly surprised. Some simple takeaways: 1.) The combat is this stunning mix of every previous game in the series and easily the highlight for me as a player. It's not extremely challenging, but its fun, engaging, and keeps you wanting more - it's basically pop music. 2.) Final Fantasy is basically MIA and the game is in full Disney mode - That being said, you can still feel the FF influence in the games mechanics and story, which is enough for me. 3.) The gummy ship mode is the best its ever been, If you enjoyed that part of the game at all, it's pretty nuts how much better it is. 4.) The story is exactly what you'd expect it to be.
  2. Absolutely no way I could come up with one... Uhh... The best games I've played in recent memory are: Hollow Knight Witcher 3 Undertale Dark Souls God of War Out of that list, I think Hollow Knight or Undertale comes out on top for me.
  3. Just landed a new job, also very recently had a kid, so over the last 2 years i've been out of the picture pretty much entirely. That being said, over the last 2 or 3 months, I've started working on a Mario Odyssey Remix Album. You can find a preview of the first track here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DOGSue11MIU8zOX4nNVpEDMj9sdouTt3 It's the first thing I've written in at least a few years.
  4. The hidden final fantasy boss in Super Mario RPG. Culex? Dude was very hard. Thunder Hopping in FFX Antichamber got difficult about halfway-ish through, gave up. Punch Club was a huge pain - the grinding was not fun. 3rd Strike Boss - Infuriatingly difficult. Gave in many times. Puzzles in Lufia 2 - got stuck and quit many times.
  5. Just a heads up, the album is completely released! You can listen to the whole thing for free on youtube, or download the album via my bandcamp. Hope you like!
  6. Any sort've feedback your looking for on the builds? Here are some quick'n'dirty thoughts i saw while playing. I didn't make it very far, nor did I play for that long. Feedback - Why doesn't a weapon break when its durability hits 0? It just stays in your hand with no general change, maybe the damage goes down? not sure... either way; should be an alert or something to notify for a broken weapon. - Is it possible to aim/direct abilities with just the keyboard? seems like a mouse is required. - On windowed mode with smaller resolutions, sometimes the ability text and 'combat log' intersect - they are both white text with no backshadow, so they overlap and become nearly impossible to read. - On windowed mode, sometimes my mouse will not activate certain skills. hovering over the 'ability bar' does nothing. clicking there forces a move, as if i am clicking 'through' the bar. - Would like to see 'i' open the equipment screen, as a PC nerd, I'm used to pressing it for inventory. - I feel the skill screen is pretty confusing. It took me awhile to get my bearings. Like, when i purchase a skill, why is there a small x next to it on 'learned skills' ? Also, can I ever only gain 8 skills? Also, when I go to learn new skills, I see the ones i've already learned - why? Would i waste JP if i learned these skills that I already have? - Why do I randomly get an extra turn? - I've had some really odd interactions with 'Hold the moon' sometimes enemies can attack me from multiple tiles away, as if i haven't really moved after using the ability.
  7. I like it! It's novel and fairly interesting. Really love the look of the thing. That being said, they won't have me as a customer until I see a game that catches my eye - Not really excited about playing Skyrim again.
  8. Thanks man! I really appreciate that - The 2nd track is officially released, and it's a remix of the 'briefing' theme which is one of the most repetitive, basic, and short tracks I have ever heard in a game - It was challenging to remix.
  9. Hey guys! In my spare time I've been working on an electronic/orchestral remix album based on UN Squadron. At this point I am ready to release the album!! Going to release one track per day for the next 10 days, then throw the whole album up on bandcamp for pay-what-you-want. This is a link to the playlist which will eventually contain the full album. (First song was released today!) The album was a passion project. I am a massive fan of this game and wanted to cover the music forever. Originally, I wanted to get the communities help, but had trouble recruiting help because so few were familiar with the games soundtrack. I was personally baffled by this - maybe the game just isn't as well known as I thought? Eventually I just decided to just do the album by myself. Comments & criticism are always welcome! Hope you dig it!
  10. Yes! I generally work in the mornings, so I play in the mid-day when I get off, before my wife gets home. I play some nights too, but usually I'm in bed fairly early, because I'm old and sleeping is the best. Not sure if I have your summoner name or not. Summoner name is k wìx Also, if anyone is curious about getting into the game, I love teaching it to newer players. There is a ton to learn.
  11. I play league almost daily - and am always looking for new people to play with. Feel free to drop me an invite anytime you see me on. And totally agree on the whole friends thing, I'll be hitting 33 this year, and our friendship circle is like..non-existent. I need to make some new friends soon.
  12. I'm alright with it, provided the advertisements are going specifically to keep the site functioning, and if you are getting more than that, what's the plan for dealing with the rest of the revenue? As for how its different... 1.) It inherently feels more personal. The ads on the website are simply that, they aren't really attached to the music, but the website as a whole. Youtube ads on the otherhand.... 2.) The perception of Youtube Ad Revenue is one of pure profit. People think banner ads help sites function, people think youtube ads are for making money.
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