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  1. I know that I'm new to the forms, but as a long-time listener, I've noticed that there is a surprising lack of Ace Attorney remixes, which makes me a little sad because the series has some great music. I would love to hear a remix of either Klavier Gavin's theme, "Guilty Love" or some of the in-court music from Gyakuten Saiban 4/Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.By in-court music, I mean Apollo's objection theme ( ), either of the variations on the Examination theme, one of which has a neat trance feel to it ( and ), and, of course, the .As far as getting the actual sound files goes, I know for a fact that the soundtrack is available via torrents in several places, but I don't think I'm allowed to link to any of them. The specific tracks are: 3. Gyakuten Saiban 4 ~ Court Begins 6. Housuke Odoroki ~ Start of a New Trial! 7. Cross Examination ~ Allegro 2007 10. Perceive ~ Surging Eyes 14. Kyouya Garyuu ~ LOVE LOVE GUILTY If anyone would be willing to remix even just one of these tracks, I would be delighted. I have no preference as far as genre goes, so feel free to go nuts. :]
  2. Hi everyone! I'm latraviata, a long time downloader and new member. I'm a musician myself; my main instrument is the oboe, though I have dabbled in several other instruments as well. I'm not a remixer, but I hope to have some fun here as part of the OCR community. :]