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  1. Here is my response (I’m fine keeping this public What this refers to, is the fact that the album has the same feel throughout – there’s nothing gripping, there’s nothing exciting, there’s no mix in the instrumentation. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s good to have some diversity. If you wanted each level to sound different… then go and explore some other musical styles, that’s the best way to achieve this. I appreciate your intentions, and see mostly how this works. Intended or not though, it’s one of your weaker themes. I find it hard to reply to this one, I think you're seeing yourself as someone you're not. The track’s catchy, but I don’t see what it accomplishes. Regards not referring to you as being ‘professional’ or ‘trained’ … I hate to burst your bubble, but until I hear some groundbreaking tunes from you (which I’d love to!), I don’t really see you as either of these. I appreciate you probably have a good background in music, but there’s a fair few people out there who do too who wouldn’t describe themselves as either of these. Hell, I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, have released an EP, have took various courses in music (including A Levels in England), and I don’t even consider myself professional or trained. By “original,” I mean something that hasn’t been heard before… something that isn’t the same as any old stuff that you can hear on a game music soundtrack. In reference to your final self-boasting quote, I’m comparing this album to what else the OCR community has to offer. There are some fantastic pieces on here from particularly talented individuals, and as far as I’m concerned, the depth of musical style, cleverness, and uniqueness are in no way represented by this album. This album isn’t just an exhibition of your sound, it’s an exhibition of what the OCR community has to offer. The sooner you realise that, and compare yourself to others around you, you’ll see what I mean! OK? Feel free to reply, but bear in mind that I don’t visit the forums often, so I apologise if it takes me a while to get back to you. Take care, and please don’t take any offence by this. I gave the album an honest critical review from what I expect to hear on a soundtrack, I’m sure others feel differently (and can see elsewhere in this thread that they have particularly enjoyed it!), and maybe you should focus on their opinions if mine is a little too harsh for you. I’m sure you’re a talented individual, and I do look forward to your next works.
  2. It's not meant in a harsh way! EDIT: Merely just some constructive criticism. I enjoyed your themes on the most part, and can see that you've got some great potential. Better than what I can write anyway.
  3. Hey, just posted my opinions here. http://www.squareenixmusic.com/reviews/dave/kaleidoscope.shtml
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