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  1. Ok im remixing a song in FL 3.5 full.....im doing my thing, then all of the sudden, when i play ANYTING on it, i hear popping in my speakers...ummmmmmm any suggestions ? Oh and i can play music on my comp and its crystal clear EDIT LIKE IT FUCKING MATTERS NOW ! Stupid soundfont DEMO JESUS CHRIST MY WHOLE GODDAMN REMIX IS GONE DAMNIT ALL TO HELL SHIT ! ..... .... .....
  2. Toughest boss.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Hey what lvls were you guys when you faught Jenova on the ship ? My friends were like lvl 25-30 and said it was cake....i had to beat her at like lvl 7......thats tough !
  3. Yeah right Yu Yevon was THE HARDEST EVER in FFX ! Ok sarry couldnt say that without laughing....can you say "WASTE OF MY TIME !?!?" that boss was WAY TO EASY ! Back to the thread..... The one battle.....well series of battles in FFT when you went to the Church again.....where you first fought the lancers....then you had to kill this IMPOSSIBLE GUY then i was like "damn out of potions...oh well i can buy more !" OHHHHHHHH WAIT A SEC another TOUGH BATTLE !
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