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    Born and raised in Nebraska USA.

    Got into music about 5 years ago and been singing and messing around on the piano since then.

    As for videogames, I've been playing games ever since I was 6 or 7 and I got my SNES. Mega Man X was my very first game I ever owned...well besides Super Mario World which came with the system. Then I played this game that blew my adolecent mind that was called Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I had withdraws when I had to return it back to the rental store. I think what made me not want to put that game down was it's music.

    Personaly I think that most games from today don't have the love put into them that games from the 80's & 90's days had. Then again maybe I say that because I grew up with those games, either way something about the sounds and melodies of the 16 bit days grabbed me.

    Hah, good ol' Koji Kondo is still rockin it today though!

    Anywho, after I got a Sega Genesis that came with Sonic 2 a year or so later, I got into the whole Sonic thing and saved my moneez to get Sonic & Knuckles when it came out for a whoppin $20 at walmart at the time!!! YEA BOI!!!

    After that I sold my SNES and Genesis (which wasn't a good idea, but hey I was 10) and bought a playstation with my own cash and later on got a N64 for Christmas. Blah Blah Blah got Mario 64 which was epic, Blah Blah then got Zelda: OoT which was the best game ever made in the day at that point and in my oppinion, best game on the 64, best music in a game on the sixteefour...for shore.

    Most of my favorites in music come from the days of the SNES, Playstation, and 64 to be honest. There are soundtracks from plenty of other games that are great that happened after the 2000's but my next recording sessions for OCREMIX stuff could be devoted to just the 90's game music and I'd be happy.

    Beyond my church, music, people, and videogames...I like Taco Bell and muffins?

    XO Pressley has the deck.
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