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  1. I feel bad I missed the last round (lost track of the comp and had a lot going on that week), but I'm so glad I got the opportunity to jam with you guys! And HEAR ALL THIS GREAT MUSIC THAT CAME OUT OF IT.
  2. Cam3 Flight of the Peacock (Cyber Peacock in Observatory Hall [X]) Disco is NOT Dead, Disco is a Giant Metal Seahorse (Toxic Seahorse in Observatory Hall [X]) Brewing Beerliever (Blizzard Buffalo in Observatory Hall [X]) Dopplergangers
  3. Cam3 Palace Of The Beast (Slash Beast in Sigma Palace [X8]) Chiral (Spiral Pegacion in Sigma Palace [X8]) Straight Outta RAGE (Flame Stag in Sigma Palace X8) Dopplergangers
  4. So jealous of Round 6's theme. I admit I really wasn't on my A-game last week, but it is what it is. Hope to tweak my track in the future.
  5. Cam3 - Dopplergangers (Don't Wanna) Hurt You (Gravity Beetle in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2]) Caffeine Shoveling Hunter Turtloids (Rainy Turtloid in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2]) Laser Power (Shield Sheldon in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2])
  6. Cam3 - Dopplergangers Arsonist (Flame Mammoth in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) MMMDop (Slash Beast in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) Tropical Relaxation Method (Cyber Peacock in Doppler Stage 1 [X3])
  7. Cam3 - Dopplergangers Rolling (Frost Walrus) - Eino Kesketalo Electric Moves & Cephalopod Grooves (Volt Kraken) - SuperiorX Firefly (Shining Hotarunicus) - Sir_Nuts
  8. YAAAAAS!!! NEON TIGER!! Btw Darke, think I can get a sig with the name "Cam3"?
  9. Kinda nervous, but I've been waiting for an event like this :] Here are my picks: Neon Tiger (X3) Blizzard Buffalo (X3) Spark Mandrill (X) Split Mushroom (X4) Slash Beast (X4)
  10. Hey OC, long time no see! I've been at work with this requested remix of Karin Kanzuki's theme from SF Alpha 3 (Simple Rating). I tried updating the original song using the more energetic, techno-infused direction of the Street Fighter IV soundtrack as my basis. At the same time, I also used interpolations of the GBA arrangement to flesh out the theme more. Lemme know what you think! Note: This is more of an arrangement than a remix, so it's more faithful to the original sound in this case... Original Version: GBA Version: My Version: And here are the download links:
  11. Yeah it does start sounded a bit repetitive after awhile. I'm glad you approve of the concept though. Any tips on how I can humanize the instruments a little more though? I didn't think of how artificial they sounded at first...
  12. Well I feel where most of y'all are coming from. The fact is I envisioned this as more of an arrangement than a full-on remix, explaining the immediate intro and lack of change. Although I wanted to go for a harder, techno sound than the more tranquil original. I felt that it's been done too many times and I wanted to emphasize the rollercoaster elements of the Zone. But yeah, I do intend to pepper more variety into the song, as well as integrate the counter melody better. I honestly didn't think the transition was THAT bad at first, but I'll definitely revisit that and tweak it as necessary. Thanks for the feedback though!
  13. Original Version: My Rendition: (MP3) (video)Back on the Sonic remixes, this is my spin (as requested) on the Star Light Zone, remembered for its dreamy soundscapes and rollercoaster level designs. Hope you guys enjoy my little update
  14. Original Version: My Rendition: Did this arrangement a while ago. Lemme know what you guys think!
  15. Original Version: My Rendition: A classic Zelda melody remixed with a Celtic twist. Lemme know what you all think!
  16. Original Version(s): (interpolations)My Arrangement: This song is the embodiment of childhood. The memories. The freedom. The joy. All encapsulated in this classic piece. I wanted to make sure I stayed true to that in my rendition, along with infusing a few extra callbacks from other Zelda installments. Hope you guys enjoy! Constructive feedback is a plus! Note: I prefer arrangements to all-out remixes, so my style usually steers close to the source material. I'm trying to extend my range from this, but I hope you all enjoy regardless.
  17. To both of you guys: Yeah I always thought about the idea of the sounds sounding a bit too smooshed together, instead of complementing each other. But I'm getting better at that, starting to figure out to assign separate channels and what not (I'm still working out my prowess at FL Studio). And yeah I was thinking about extending it a bit, but it was honestly out of laziness/sleepiness that I cut it short lol. But yeah I'm gonna keep working on this. This really REALLY helps, dude. Seriously, thanks for the feedback!!
  18. Did this joint a while back, but only half of it. Got around to completing it. As I've stated before, I prefer arrangements to all-out remixes, so this should be faithful to the original and fresh enough for your ears. I added the pianos and strings in for a little more emotional weight. I mean, it's the frickin' Doomsday Zone. So hopefully I captured that mood alright on this joint. Hope you guys enjoy it! Constructive criticism is APPRECIATED
  19. This is my first post on OCRemix, so bear with me as I'm learning the ropes of posting here. Anywho, I was bored and whipped up this little rendition of the original Norfair theme from Metroid (NES). This joint doesn't get as much play as it deserves, compared to the Super Metroid version (still great though). So with that in mind, here ya go Original version: P.S. Yeah....I went there (referring to the title )