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  1. We washed in the lake, letting the sunset wash over us. We felt like angels, naked in the savanna, rulers of the land. We held each other, sharing our bodies, feeling alive in the dying heat of twilight. We laughed and kissed, and pretended that the rest of the world had washed away, that we were the only ones left. We imagined ourselves living the rest of our lives here, befriending the animals and never seeing anyone else, because we were all we needed. We lay out in the grass, letting the soft wind dry our skin as the stars slowly peeked out from behind a darkening blue veil. We looked at each other, seeing the universe in the other’s eyes. We breathed into each other’s lungs, filling the other with our heady perfumes. We could’ve lived a lifetime with each other that day, dying in each other’s arms at midnight as our entwined souls floated up into the aether, forever dancing among the fireflies and trees, one with each other and nature and all the earth. But as the moon rose high in the dark night, we knew our time in the savanna dream was done. We gripped each other’s hands, kissed one last time, and departed from our wonderland.
  2. I loved this piece, and I'm ecstatic to see the challenging art of opera get some attention on OCR. The voices were stunning; the background was dynamic. My only real criticism is that the melody was really choppy throughout, and while that can be great for background boss music, it doesn't mesh very well with the operatic style. Wonderful execution, though.
  3. Well, shoot. I discovered this thread a few weeks back and wanted to get an account here but my computer didn't let me register until today. I even started a short story, but never finished it because I kinda felt like this would happen. Next time, I guess. Darn.
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