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  1. Estrang

    WARSONG - Title Into

    Hey guys anyone want to give this a shot?
  2. Estrang

    Warsong: Title Screen

    Definitely bump worthy, there are some real gems in here to remix, the entire playlist is full of wonderful soundtracks =)
  3. Estrang

    Warsong: Title Screen

    Awesome man, I'll be on the lookout!!
  4. Estrang

    Warsong: Title Screen

    Hi folks, I have posted very little here in the ten or so years I have enjoyed this haven of fantastic music. There has been a request ever since I found this site I was hoping would be done, I was surprised such a quality soundtrack was left untouched. That soundtrack is from the game Warsong (originally Langrisser a German Game). Anyone who listens through the various tracks should be able to appreciate the wonderful melody the game offers. The game itself was a fantastic hybrid RPG/Strategy game where you commanded a hero unit and up to 9 soldiers for each hero unit.. There were I believe 20 scenarios in all and some were quite challenging. Down to the nitty gritty, my request is for the title music of Warsong(although any track is perfect for a remix!!!), which can be listened to here along with any other track from the soundtrack: What I enjoy about the title music is it possesses a very powerful feel to it, epic battle about to commence, goosebumps on the flesh kind of melody that I think a lot of folks can appreciate. I personally see a techno/trance as the most likely candidate for a remix to preserve that chiptune feel it has, but I could see a talented remixer giving it a life all its own with a rock or orchestral arrangement. Anyway that's just my 2 cents, I stream my online gaming live at and I make it a point to stream ocremix tracks most of the time and have always done my best to link this website in any game forum I've played in for the last decade. Anyway I appreciate all the talent, sacrifice, and hardwork of the staff to keep this place running year after year and the talented musicians that make it what it is. Cheers. edit: just saw I had requested this track 3 years ago without realizing it, sorry for the forum spam ;D
  5. Estrang

    WARSONG - Title Into TITLE SONG(EPIC): Player Phase music: Not a whole lot of tracks, but all of them sound pretty epic, im actually amazed no one has attempted to remix anything off this game!