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  1. hey there, one of my older ones but i think it could use a critique of the skilled crowd on ocremix so i used flstudio 9 for this along with these vsts: autotuner (i know it's played out, but i have a sucky voice ) fpc (1 drum loop thoroughout the song) various settings from my fav VST -- Vanguard other various effects in FL Studio... http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/WiKiD/music/play569012
  2. bump! check out #5 if you could, i think the others aren't so much composed a they are ambient tracks...
  3. Hey, It's been a while since I've worked on any songs at all, but I felt like doing it after watcing Tron:Legacy which the music was done by Daft Punk Anyway, here it is: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/WiKiD/music/play960784
  4. nice man I like it-- gotta play with the eq though b/c the drums sound a little weak, they need more balls to it, esp. if it is a drum and bass song... I liked the bridge too @ 2:20, the other thing is that it doesn't quite make the genre of d&b because it is simply just too techno-sounding esp. with the bridge. for d&b though listen to the drums, there is fills almost every 2 bars, it never is a repetitive sound in a d&b track. all in all, production value is good, just gotta tighten up the eq and have those drum fills in more and it's all good. cheers, wikid
  5. Okay, I know Daft Punk used a talk box most of the time with Korg hardware, but still, u can't go wrong with a Vocoder! I wanted to make something really epic and awesome sounding... But I just gave up, and have another half-finished song/brainfart here....http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/WiKiD/music/all/play828269
  6. listened to beatrice-- i like the drums, not too sure about the random beeps, perhaps they should be more in the background? also b/c its a rap song the vocals sound like there's too much reverb on them and need to be in the foreground more. other than that, sounds awesome!
  7. Nice bro-- its funky and orgasmic-----Funkgasmic!! Yeah i like the arps and the pads used------the leads are a little too 8-bit to my liking though lol.
  8. thanks dude, I will play with the eq a little bit! I just got both Edirol and Miroslav very recently... I find Miroslav to be either hit or miss for their presets, the strings are not too bad (used at 1:35), prior to that I was using Edirol. Also Miroslav's horns are OK-- more realistic-sounding than Edirol-- but i'm trying to get Projectsam Symphobia JUST for better sounding horns... Instruments aside, what do you think about the time signature? In a trance/dance song I'd usually be adding a new layer every 4/8 beats... Kind-of to set the tone, you know? But It almost seems like in something orchestral 8 beats takes TOO long and there's too much repetition...
  9. nice man, I like it... I can't remember what Deus Ex soundtrack played like, but yeah it does remind me a little of Unreal Tournament a bit... very ambient, I can see it being used in a game too... it is t3h aw3s0m3z0r l33t!!
  10. Hi there, new to the site, just wanted to say that I'm working on something new and orchestral for the first time (was inspired by the Mass Effect 2 guy after finding out he did everything in FL Studio) and I've used it for various projects before since 2002 but nothing orchestral. Check it out let me know what you think, I'm having a little trouble with the drums and accents and where to place them but hopefully I will get better at that For this I used Edirol Orchestral and Miroslav Philharmonic... Click here for the link Cheers, WiKiD
  11. Hi there, New to OCRemix site, I just stumbled upon it after reading about Jimmy Hinson and his work on Mass Effect 2. Anyways, my buddy was asking for some ambient music to make for him and we while going through a brainstorming session with him I produced these tracks-- I was inspired by the wonderful Mass Effect 2 soundtrack while making them. Some things to note: -- I've been screwing around with FL Studio since 2002 along with Cubase and live instruments, but never really got into composing real electonic music well. -- It is REALLY hard to get a good VST of a solo trombone or brass sound that doesn't come off sounding cheesy -- Edirol Orchestra is fun to play with their strings, I've dunno how I've been getting by using Sytrus and its basic violin ensemble presets. -- Forums like on Futureproducers and Ultimate-Guitar.com are really bad when asking for help....The communities are not that great for bouncing questions on composing music/structuring music/technical assistance in FL Studio... Hoping for find a thriving community of songwriters and composers here! -- I would LOVE to become a Soundtrack composer-- that being said, I would love to learn more about the techniques used to create the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack-- like how to incorporate drums & better in a orchestral mix and using automation and effects and EQing to get a better sound. Brainstorming Ambient Music - Part 1 Brainstorming Ambient Music - Part 2 Brainstorming Ambient Music - Part 3 Brainstorming Ambient Music - Part 4 Brainstorming Ambient Music - Part 5 Brainstorming Ambient Music - Part 6
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