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  1. Thanks! As we're both 4 years older now, I've finally come up with a reply to this post. This past weekend, there was an event here in Norway called BIT Live. Jeroen was there, and so was Jogeir - who is also a MoN member now. I told WAVE about this remix of yours, and promised I'd send him a link to it. He was intrigued! You should definitely consider attending one of these events. Chris Huelsbeck and Barry Leitch even flew in all the way from the US.
  2. Catched this one on RKO a while back. Great track! Makke good.
  3. Hey guys. I just released an album featuring 11 remixes of Commodore 64, Amiga and SNES tracks, that I've made over the years. Track 3 has previously been featured on OCRemix, and the rest have been featured on either RKO or AmigaRemix. It's available on most major streaming platforms. Bandcamp Spotify YouTube Apple Music Thanks for checking it out!
  4. I wasn't involved in this project myself, but I just received the albums digitally - and they sound reeeeeally good! They are proper orchestral arrangements recorded with the Czech Studio Orchestra in Prague. Everything is based on Commodore 64 game music. Highly recommended! It says pre-order because the physical version is not ready yet. You get the digital version right away AFAIK. Get it here
  5. I can heartily recommend Sonarworks Reference. My mixes translate way better to other setups now, even though I have nice monitors and a somewhat treated room. When I turn off the calibration, everything sounds noticeably worse - which is a bit scary.
  6. Thanks a lot, Crulex! Thanks a lot, Black_Doom! I studied original quite a lot, and I believe I also extracted the individual channels of it to get as close as I could with some elements. I think that goes a long way to keep the original feel. Thanks Loning!
  7. Sweet track! This could totally be an old MoN track from twenty years ago.
  8. I've usually been checking this thread for info on submissions currently in the judging process, but it seems they've stopped updating it. Is there some place I don't know about where this can be checked?
  9. This is an OCRemix classic! Used to listen to this a lot back in the day.
  10. Checked it out on Bandcamp. Pretty cool! It's reminiscent of a module-based sound (.xm, .mod), which is nice. Interesting to hear that you've recently been getting into soundtrack work. I have that same itch, so I can definitely relate. By the way, I used to listen to your stuff way before I got into remixing. Slick Rippin' Keen among others. Really nice tunes.
  11. Cool tune! The instrumentation is just like a Drax-mod or a WAVE-mod. Maybe he used one as a template? Pretty cool either way.
  12. If you're still interested, here are the chords: This is what I used as reference when I recorded it. The top row is the chord, the bottom row is the bass note you should use. You can hear it better in this über-chilled version of the track (it's just the guitar tracks): .mp3
  13. Have you considered adding a tambourine? Also, here's a nice free orchestral library which has some alright percussion in it: http://virtualplaying.com/virtual-playing-orchestra/ This is a pretty cool idea, and it sounds pretty nice. Should be a great addition to the site once you've polished it.
  14. Man, your latest Sonata is great!

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