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  1. Ah I now I understand what you mean with the guitar. I can work with that a bit on sunday. What do you mean by an empty sound? you'd like to hear a bit more harmonic structure? I've actually listened to all those artists while working on this remix to analyze how they move through the songs and how things are stacked up on each other and all that junk. I listen to stuff almost non stop and try to get things ingrained. My AIM is actually Cardboardbeast, but you have to add me first cause pidgin is stupid and great at the same time.
  2. Honestly I don't even really understand most of what you are talking about in the first paragraph. I woudln't even know where to start. As for the writing, I don't understand how you can say it's too close to the source without listening to the original. I think I added quite a bit of stuff to it, without completely leaving the source. Some stuff on Ocremix sometimes gets so far you wouldn't even know it's from the game unless you knew ahead of time and were listening for it. I really don't want to do that. That's the original. I mean it's only barely over a minute long... then it loops. I think my mix flows a bit better then that, maybe it's just me. And as for the third paragraph, are you saying I should download my sound quality to make it more cohesive instead of trying to improve the ones that sound worse, since I can't really get my guitars up to a good enough quality without live performance? I would however love some reading material, I'm desperate to improve and i'll take as much info as I can get. Does anyone else have anything else to add or agree/disagree with? Also I work with garageband, for future reference.
  3. Namely I want to make my guitar sound more realistic, but any other tips you can give me on this mix I would greatly appreciate. Sound quality/mixing is where I hurt the most. so i need everything I can get, but I think the guitars are what needs most attention. Thanks ahead of time.
  4. http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=Dr+wily+Remix+-+Sample+3.mp3 Here's a bit of an update, idk if it's much better, but I think I know what to do to try and fix it tmrw.
  5. Thanks for the help, I think I understand what I need to do now. with this anyway. I didn't get the chance to read this before i worked on it today, but here's the remix I'm working on that has muddiness. http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?fid=1101 I worked on it today and made THAT down there this one I TRIED to make less muddy, but I'm not sure i improved it much :/
  6. Hi, i've been hanging around Oc remix FOREVER, since it started up really, and im now trying to see if i can get a remix on the site, but I have quite a few problems with making my music actually SOUND good. I'm good with the actual music and notes and all that jazz, but i'm entirely self taught so balancing and stuff is hard for me, i decided i'd take it one step at a time. People keep throwing around the term "mud" or something sounds "muddy". What exactly does that mean? I assume it means all the tracks you use are on the same level of sound, but im not exactly sure what it even means. It's used all the time to describe my mixes when i ask for critique, so i want to know more about muddyness. So What exactly makes a song muddy? How do I get rid of the muddy sound in my work? Does anyone have an example of a song with a muddy and non-muddy version? I really do thing most of my stuff sounds good, and i really have nothing to compare the difference between and i think that would really help. Thanks ahead of time. Also I work in garageband.
  7. For some reason not many people know of this song and it's fairly unpopular, but it's great. And since im trying to get a remix accepted I thought my best shot would be with this song, since there is NO version of it updated AT ALL, that I can find anyway. Here's the original song since you probably don't know it And here is my remix I'm not QUITE finished with it yet, still some tweaking to do,so i would love some good honest feedback.
  8. very very enjoyable sound. I think you could maybe bring the beat out a bit, there are times when i think the song could make you bob your head a bit more if it was louder.
  9. I liked the atmosphere you were able to get going but i wasn't particularly fond of that beat.
  10. I listened the the strings one and heroes and They were pretty good. Heroes ended up getting pretty boring, I think you need it to develop to something more. It doesn't really "feel" like heroes to me either. It's too relaxed for that. like the guy before me said, lyrics may be a good idea for that. the string piece was good, but I really think you could have taken it somewhere a bit more exciting, you had a really solid foundation for something really epic.
  11. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/394376 Written for the music behind a daring, dangerous escape. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated! I'm looking for as MUCH as I can get
  12. <------ Guitar <----Piano I wrote a song, it's a theme for the first town in an rpg. You know that town, you've seen it a hundred times. it's a pallet town, lumbridge, the little nameless village where you start your epic journey. This isn't a pallet town remix, thats just a comparison. This is one of my own works. Anyway, I can't decide whether it sounds better for piano or guitar. Im leaning towards piano right now cause it sounds kind of too high on one guitar part, but I really like how the one part near the end sounds on guitar rather then piano. What do you think?
  13. Heres a loop a made a while ago. It's the theme for the generic video game hero, ya know the savior. Let me know whacha think. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/318990 Hope ya like it.
  14. Well im entirely self taught and doing everything to the best of my ability, so if you insist that the quality of my work is missing this elements could you perhaps direct me to the appropriate literature? I don't like to drop projects.
  15. I have taken the criticism and ideas into consideration. Heres the thread in which i've updated the song. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=673067#post673067
  16. Ok, Sorry if you aren't suppose to reupload a remix after you alter it, but if it's against the rules ii guess i'll find out. Anyway, I changed this a bit from my original mix. People complained I didn't put enough originality into it, So I added a few phrases of my own in there. However, I really don't wawnt to get tooooo far from the original because I find that alot of songs on OCremix get so far from the source that it's hard to recognize. In addition to original phrases, I've changed rhythms of the basslines, added a bit of stacking. People also said that the guitar and synth sounded too mechanical and needed more velocity, so every note in the melodic voices have had velocity added. No one but me seemed to like the "go link" section, so I removed it. I did keep links various yells in, however, I reorganized them in the beat so they felt more natural. I think that's all i changed this time around. Comments, constructive criticism, ideas, and feedback are welcome, encouraged, and often reciprocated Let me know what you think.
  17. thanks for the link. As for the Go link section, I originally put in not really knowing if it would work, but it grows on you, and after listening to it a few times, it feels right. As for the high register comment, I'm a little confused. I payed special attention to that and wanted to not had too many high floating parts because the nature of the original only has one instrument doing that. So I actually never put more than one instrument above G4. Other than that, glad you like it, and Be sure to look and see if I change anything or hopefully If i get it on the site itself. Thanks for the attention and the support.
  18. I noticed no one has done this song yet, which confuses me since it's such a catchy tune So i started throwing this together. Let me know what you think, it's a work in progress, and all constructive criticism is encouraged, welcomed, and appreciated. Also, I return the favor
  19. Thanks for the welcome. I've actually been around for years, but only recently have I acquired the Tech to remix myself.
  20. I want to submit a mix to OCremix soon, but im unsure about how to go about submission. Do I just post in the forums?
  21. Amazing song, and while i have been able to work out the main melody years ago, I was wondering if anyone out there knows it well enough to work up a midi file for it? I've only been able to work out about 3 of the parts.
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