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  1. Well now this is odd... My song was on techtv?
  2. Tranquil Chaos


    I'm completely obsessed with this show. Sylar is friggin awesome.
  3. I own it. Traded some old games for it a few years back.
  4. I fully intend to. Looks pretty good.
  5. If it was an abstraction that vaguley resembled spawn, then sure, I'm cool with that... This thing is like nearly a carbon copy. I'm just dissapointed in the lack of creativity that shows. Like I said though I love everything else. The whole series was quite thrilling and creepy until I saw spawn. At that point I laughed rather loudly and lost any sense of atmosphere I had. It just looked a bit rediculous. The nurse scene was badass though.
  6. Is everyone blind? The No Escape guy ripped off Spawn. The comic Book demon guy... Todd McFarlane created him... No one else noticed that? The thing with the Axe and the chains? Other than that I liked it....
  7. The No Escape series had me pretty happy until the 4th installment... I know what the fuck Spawn looks like and I'm not particularly thrilled when I see such a blatant ripoff...
  8. Now that is some cool shit... Anyone have any news on the movie's progress? Ifirit, I'm looking in your direction...
  9. Very clearly in the introduction, the story says, "Henry has been locked in his room for 5 days." Oh yeah! Me and my shitty memory...
  10. At the beginning of SH4, Henry says he's been trapped in his apartment for something like 2 weeks.
  11. Check out the morgue. The body labeled #7 whispers heathers name on the way by. Stanley? I think so...
  12. I was never interested in the UFO endings. Always thought they were stupid.
  13. Halfway through?!?!?! What, do you have a catheter and colostomy bag or something? My husband has usually taken several days to get through a SH game, even after completing it once already. I've only got roughly 5 game hours racked up... According to the walkthrough Im about 70 percent done. This is the first SH game I've had to stop playing because it was too long to do in one day. When I bought the day it came out, I was done with it that night. I love emersing myself in a silent hill game from start to finish in one go. It really sucks you in.
  14. Got my SH4. It's awesome. I'm about halfway through it, and I'm enjoying the shit out of this game....
  15. I frequent a silent hill forum... Some of the theories that fly around over there are just silly. The site is down right now, but I'll link it when it gets up and running.
  16. Some of the info is extremely useful, though. I like interpretations, but some of the theories Ive heard are just retarded. The lost memories book helps eliminate that brand of wild speculation.
  17. according to the book of lost memories, silent hill 2 takes place 2 years before sh3... which puts it 15 years after sh1. your synopsis is cool, but your timeline is off. *Edit* Upon further inspection, more of your info is incorrect... I hate to nitpick and Im not going into all of it, but you should definitely try to find some book of lost memories translations. They contradict several of your key facts.
  18. I would say the PH is more a representation of James. It's the towns way of showing him his crime and torturing his subconcious. The knife theory is quite good though. I never really thought of it that way before.
  19. This thread needs a little *bump* action. While I'm at it, I ripped this from the trailor... http://timberwolf.no-ip.com/Interesting_Files/lullaby.mp3 Enjoy!
  20. Ifirit, you're my new best friend.
  21. I am really looking forward to sh4... Thanks for the info.
  22. Wow... Akira Yamaoka can do no wrong. The SH4 stuff is freakin sweet... Thanks for the link!
  23. I'd be somewhat interested, though I've never used a MUD before...
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