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  1. Believe it or not, I actually own this album. I found it at a pawn shop about five years ago. It's been about as long since I listened to it. If I remember correctly, the only song on the entire album that has anything at all to do with Nintendo is Jellyfish's Ignorance Is Bliss. The other songs are... just songs. As interesting as it would be, Crosby, Stills, & Nash do not croon with any reference to Nintendo.
  2. According to Gamespot... for what that's worth... LINK.
  3. Or... not. I make it a point to keep Donnie Darko and Gears of War trailers separate from my Shadow of the Colossus experience.
  4. Spent more time in March 2005 playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II than going to class. Skipped my one accounting class the most... going only two or three times in the entire month. Still managed a C+ even with all my negligence. But it stands as, by far, the worst grade I reveived during my university career.
  5. I think you misunderstand what the term "classic" implies.
  6. Yeah, it was kinda lame. The Duke Nukem model looked low-rent (relative to contemporary expectations) and the music was, well, nearly twelve years old. It's nice to see some sort of progress with DNF but they could have done a lot better in giving us our first taste of this long-overdue game.
  7. For the time being... But this trailer better be orgasm-inducing. If after all these years DNF isn't absolute gaming nirvana, it hasn't been worth the wait!
  8. Oh, snap. The illustrious DjSammyG is rebuking us. We must recognize the error of our ways and repent, lest we face a second admonishment.
  9. Damn rights! Outrage should be the immediate reaction regardless of age, race, status, et cetera.
  10. I ended up forgetting about the wall-kick altogether. If you time your jumps right, you can triple jump from the raised platform to the launch star. Way easier.
  11. Good Lord... anyone have any tips on how to properly negotiate the wall-jump off the tower that's necessary to complete Purple Coins In The Woods? Nothing I try seems to be enough to get onto that platform.
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