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  1. I'm a female vocalist, so I'm willing to help! I'm a arranger/lyricist too, but I'm cool with just doing vocals for now if anybody needs a singer.
  2. Could I have my username changed to Natalya Zarraga, so it will match everywhere else I have music online? Thanks so much!
  3. I'm a female singer. (I play other instruments, too.) As far as current work, I'm doing Nostalgic Song for the Legend of Mana project right now, but it's not completed so I can't share that yet. I've got some stuff up on my Soundcloud and Youtube channel: https://soundcloud.com/natalyazarraga/legend - "Legend," an original song. - "Secret Door," an Evanescence cover. - "Sundown," an original song.I've got some more game/movie covers on my Youtube, as well as an original EP on my Bandcamp. The links to all that should be in my signature.
  4. Yes, we are working on the final track to the wind waker album, do you have contact with Swiftom, the director? If so, he can bring you up to speed!

  5. Hey! Do you still need them? Let me know what's up and I'll see what I can do to help out. Sounds like fun! :)

  6. Terra We need your harp skills for Wind Waker, are you game?

  7. There is a person by the name of Kuolema who is working on the Fairy Fountain Lyrics for Tears of the Moon and I was wondering if you could help him out.

  8. Hey Terra, OrangeDragon and I are working on the lyrics to the Wind Waker song I'm working on and we were wondering if you would help us out not only musically but vocally?

  9. I am also a VG remixer, among other things. I did something for the official FFIX album and I'm working on stuff for the Legend of Mana and Secret of Mana albums, and doing vocals for other people's remixes. I sing, play harp, piano, Irish bouzouki, recorder, glockenspiel, and other random stuff. As for female video game composers... Kumi Tanioka is awesome for composing the soundtrack to Crystal Chronicles. Such an inspired work of art!
  10. Woo, this is huge! But it could be really awesome. I definitely want to do some stuff for this since Majora's Mask is my favorite game of the series. I'm not 100% sure what part I want yet (there's so many...), but since you've heard my voice before, you might have something in mind. I just know I want to be a part of this!
  11. Here's a link to the official Majora's Mask Musical page:


  12. Yeah, that's fine. I don't use Skype much nowadays, but add me if you like. :)

  13. Hey, I'm trying to add you on skype, is that okay?

  14. Great and GREAT! Yes I have vocals covered however I'm not against having some back up :D You have a truly beautiful voice and your recording set up makes me jealous. Also if I remember you can play a wood wind instrument I believe? That would also be very helpful. As for when I would need this all by is still up in the air. I have to finish writing the lyrics first. Do you have a skype account? Maybe we could talk it over:)

  15. About Legendary Hero, that's pretty cool. I like that idea. I can indeed provide harp for you. When would you need this all by? Also, do you have vocals covered, so you only need harp, or what?

    And I'm definitely interested in the Majora's Mask thing. It's my favorite game of the series. :)

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