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  1. I freaking love this remix! Final Fantasy X-2 holds a special place in my heart so any remix of the underappreciated gem of a soundtrack is very appreciated by me. I just love how it gives a upbeat spin to a melancholy song. Simply amazing work.
  2. The music of the WarioWare series is amazing and severely underrepresented remixing-wise. So far the only remixes I found are the ones from the Harmony of Heroes album (I think it's only 2) and that's it. Anything created or pointed to on the interwebs is greatly appreciated.
  3. The original thought I had was a song that created tension but I'm really digging this song. :3 For some odd reason, I'm picturing Skull Man (while wearing a hoodie) in a Rocky training montage, jogging up a long set of stairs and punching a bag wearing boxing gloves. Why does a robot need to exercise is any ones guess. Now I'm picturing Dr. Cossack showing up at the end of said montage to say, "What are you doing? You're a robot, you don't need to exercise." Sorry my mind wanders sometimes...
  4. After listening to the album on repeat for a couple of hours at work, I'm really loving this album. As I'm listening to it, I'm imagining what a Metroid movie would look like and trying to picture what track would fit what scene. This doesn't happen all that often. For some odd reason, I'm quite fond of the Inferno track as it has a Lord of the Rings-esque vibe to it. Awesome album Sam! :3
  5. This idea for a song popped in my head after listening to the Kill La Kill soundtrack. A cinematic/orchestral take on Skull Man's Theme. The song of itself creates tension and/or imagery of a dynamic fight scene when you hear it. (Drums add to the tension.) The track's name would be called Harmony of War. Since I'm no musician in the slightest, I just felt like at least expressing this idea to whoever reads this thread. Anyone is welcome to take the idea. So, any thoughts on the idea? I just secretly want more Mega Man 4 remixes as it was my first Mega Man game and love the soundtrack a lot.
  6. Anyone watching Akame ga Kill!? I definitely recommend it for the action. The main story could put some as it is serious and goofy. (Your standard flair of anime tropes are here in this fantasy world.) By the way, it can be quite bloody and dark at times so you have been forewarned.
  7. Really love the chill feeling of this remix. This would be perfect to relax to after a long hard days work along with a nice cool refreshment. Here's to another 3000, Almighty Pretzel! *raises mug*
  8. Downloaded it this past weekend and finally gone through the entire album. Have to say, this is another amazing album you (and a couple others) put together! I'm having a difficult time trying to pick favorites as everyone who contributed brought in their A game. Your ability to manage a large group of people to produce such a large album is incredible. Whatever "Harmony of" you have in mind for future albums I will look forward to it.
  9. Slightly interesting news. I wonder if they are planning on releasing all of the main numbered Final Fantasy games on steam... It also makes me wonder if the modding community will actually spend some time adding content (or anything for that matter) regarding these games. I know there are tons of mods for FF7 but it would be hard pressed to imagine anything coming out of it. (Perhaps a mod where the character models have blocky hands looking like FF7 characters in the over world screen. I think the novelty of that would wear off rather quickly.) Seems like a bit of a reasonable price but I would only warrant a purchase based on what the modding community does with the game. I don't see too many people actually buying the game on PC based on the response of the games. I do know that when XIII-2 and Lightning Returns releases, many costume designs people will make will end up hitting the internet so there is that to look forward to seeing.
  10. I feel strangely compelled to back that project. Also, pretty funny trailer for the game.
  11. I think Nintendo is saving him as a secret character. (He was a hidden character in Melee.) From the last game, they didn't reveal information about them until the game was released. With mega evolutions of Mewtwo, I doubt they wouldn't include him in the game.
  12. Loving this game. The game-play combines the best aspects of Mega Man, Castlevania (the first one) and Ducktales. My only complaint so far is that some of the relics aren't really combat friendly and seem to only rely on gimmick areas. That's only really a minor compliant as I find some to be really effective on some bosses. (The Tinker Knight can be OHKO'd with the cog wheel.) Everything is well polished and the soundtrack is amaze-balls. Having a difficult time choosing The Lost City (Mole Knight Stage) or The Explodatorium (Plague Knight Stage) as my personal favorite track. Also like that each boss has their own battle theme that incorporates the stage theme into it. If you haven't already, the rearrange album is also stellar. No Sense Running is by far my favorite track on that album. So glad I backed this game. Right now I somehow just beaten the 8 bosses on New Game+. Well there goes my good luck for the day... Don't think I'll bother with getting the rest of the achievements in this game. I'm sure you could probably "cheat" to get the Impossible feat by simply exiting the game and restarting the game if you did die. Is there anyone here planning on making a remix from this game? Just curious...
  13. Really loving the album Amphibious! I like that you had each track feel totally different when it transitions to the next song to keep it from being too monotonous. Loving the upbeat, head-bobbing tracks, the laid-back soothing tracks, and the groovy tracks. Awesome job!
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