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  1. Thought you guys might like this Even though this is the general section And "ouch" on the lung collapse may be a bit of a understatement Sry to hear of this
  2. Hey guys, I can't believe I didn't think to post here - and it's been so very long since I last dropped by. In the past I felt I was a bit in over my head - especially from hearing alot of the talented work (both in arrangements and engineering) from contributors on the site (If you search some of my older threads you will understand). I hope you like what I have come back with this time around Dragon's Crown, please enjoy (btw how to embed video? I wasn't sure if the board used some sorta bb or insert function. If it's possible can a mod kindly show me how? Thank you!)
  3. Here we are, unlike my previous submission these are actual remixes, yet still in progress however. I have one featuring the Zelda theme, and I'm currently writing more on the arrangement to include other themes such as the overworld (I believe that's what its called? maybe its otherworld...I can't rem XD) theme etc I also have a remix of DOOM's "The Demon's Dead" tune which I did about a year ago or so. Zelda Doom (I know, the videos say covers, but well - ya lol XD they're just previews anyhow ) I have a Valkyrie Profile remix coming soon as well, although unfortunately I took the video of its preview down (I was getting trolled and it didn't have all too many views anyway so So here we are, check em out - and looking forward to everyone's opinion I also realized that I have one other thread going on, and although I would've preferred adding this information to it instead - I can't seem to find an option to edit a thread's title, nor delete a thread? I'd appreciate if that thread could be taken down if a mod would be so kind to. I can already tell that with the Blazblue song I have linked in there, that it wouldn't be accepted by OCRemix (As it's not a TRUE remix, so it still needs alot of work!) here's the thread link and the blazblue cover if you're interested in listening to it.
  4. Aaaah I see, Thank you! In that case I do have a link to the song that directs to youtube, so feel free to give me some feedback (The title is misleading in that its not a true remix, but otherwise I had "RE" mixed and redid the tracking of my mix) However after listening to a few goodies OC has to offer, I can see my mp3 has a ways to go considering it isn't a remix at all, but simply a cover. So I guess its back to the drawing board soon XD Anyways, here's the link everyone! It's still an incomplete cover as it only manages to play roughly half the entire tune
  5. Hello all! New to the site and forum, hoping for a warm welcome I was looking for an introduction forum, but I guess there isn't one Anyways! I came to this site by word of mouth at YouTube from a user suggesting I check it out, and here I am! I just realized were required to submit the songs by email! sry everyone >_< not sure if I should post the mp3 here or not yet, but I'll get back to it soon I would just delete the post but I don't see an option?