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  1. Cool! I love free stuff so I'll bite. Favorite track from mainline entries for me would probably be Let The Battles Begin from FFVII since it's probably the track you hear the most therefore the most memorable. =P
  2. 10 minutes left so whoever get it wins. A5Z4RYM32HATYMY3. Let me know if you got it.
  3. I like this. Might have some codes to offer so that Damned continues this. For now I got 2 Arceus codes that may or may not have expired yet. Supposed to be for November 30 but not sure if that's November 30 western time zone, which means at least an hour and a half more to go.Just message me for them in your best tsundere speak and they're yours. =P
  4. Not sure SAO would fly just because some scenes in the second half of the first season (ALO saga) dealing with Asuna are pretty bad and could probably land him in hot water if a staffer notices. Been a while since I've watched Blue Exorcist so I can't remember it too much other than Shura was pretty fan servicey and also SATAN. Some people could get uppity about that so it might be best to check with the staff/members first and see if that sort of stuff is okay to show. Naruto is probably alright, don't remember anything really bad about that. Rurouni Kenshin is on crunchyroll and might be okay to show, at least the first 62 episodes/first 2 seasons anyways, 3rd season is filler which can be skipped.
  5. Only played a bit of these and the psp version released by Atlus. Remember the combat system for these games actually being more like a console RTS where you move your characters and give them commands and they keep fighting till the enemy or they are defeated. Also had different missions like ones where you had to protect someone while they retreated from an advancing army and whatnot. Also believe the third games story was based on war/enemy invasions for resources due to worldwide famine which I hadn't seen tackled in a game. I remember playing a few minutes of the Arc Trilogy games and Arc 2 was totally bonkers with how it starts. Believe it started with a flashback in a classical past era RPG village that an army or bandits were attacking or something, then next you're a mercenary or something stopping a terrorist attack at an airport in the future, and save a mysterious girl who's being chased by 1940's era gangsters. Was pretty jarring but in a good way since it was so different from the norm. Played the first game. Was good but can be really hard and the translation is bad, though I believe there are translation patches out there. Also each new game has randomized resources and troops.
  6. Nothing much. Haunted some dudes apartment for a while till he moved out. The usual.
  7. But nah, 300-350 seems to be good IF you can find someone who wants the whole bundle. Selling some stuff individually like Pandora's Tower, Last Story and Ninja Gaiden might be better since a lot of people who buy nintendo consoles don't buy 3rd party games so they'll just see them as throw in games. 300 for the system in box with everything minus Pandora's Tower, Last Story and Ninja Gaiden doesn't even seem like too bad a deal since the system itself refurbished goes for like 200. The 2 smash titles should net at least 50, New Super Mario Bros. U 25-35 maybe, 10-20 for Twilight Princess and another 10-20 for the wii-mote (hopefully motionplus version) and nunchuck, 5-10 for the sealed zelda amiibo and maybe 15-20 for the opened Samus one since that one isn't sold anymore. All depends on items condition though, if it's all in mint to flawless condition make sure to mention it.
  8. He falls quickly even with his limiter off, same with Gabriel Celeste/Iseria Queen when you level up and have Chisato in your party. Chisato too strong. =D
  9. I'm just glad Tri-Ace ain't dead after being bought out by Nepro. Hope they continue to make console games for a long time to come.
  10. Wouldn't Monster Rancher fall under the rpg genre since it has stat building and exploration segments? Simulation with some rpg elements.
  11. Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death 99 cents. Everyone should get it.
  12. Payday: The Heist is free on steam if you get it today. Aliens vs. Predator 2000 Free From GOG For a Limited Time XCOM Enemy Unknown free if you do a couple of things.
  13. Did you try blowing into the buttons? Seems to be a common fix for that issue. Google it and see.
  14. Seems like a good time, why would you want to stop playing at all?
  15. Had to read it a couple of times to get it. XD
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