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  1. Make good guitar covers and put them on youtube. Just like me :
  2. Me playing this yo !
  3. thanks for taking the time to download it and write about it, I appreciate it
  4. Me Ceddy Pop of video game musician duo Gravenspine did this alone cause my music partner was absent at the time. ALL METAL, REAL INSTRUMENTS.
  5. I'm kinda new to this website for real...I mean I never understand anything. Anyways. Here's my cover of MEGAMAN X3 Tunnel Rhino. My music partner being absent, me Ceddy Pop decided to go all alone for this one.
  6. I found a video I did about 3 or 4 months ago of me playing a Megaman X3 song : Tunnel Rhino
  7. As I'm waiting my remix partner Phil Connor to complete our more serious remixes, Here's an exemple of me playing this song metal style. [i don't suggest the Youtube link first, cause' the quality might be lower] Thanks for writing your feedback.
  8. I suggest you guys to hear the song completely cause it's changing a lot of times.
  9. There is a SNES game called Boxing Legends of the Ring, and the title theme song is one of the best video game music ever. a remix of this song would be really cool.
  10. I did this one a few months ago, and it is one of my favourite. It's a good idea of what could be an intro for a videogame title. There's a lot of positive and ''hope'' vibes in it. Tell me what you think !
  11. Ceddy Pop of the video game remix team Gravenspine brings you his newest creation. Mostly made of real instruments. I'm working on my personnal website. More info soon. Tell me what you think of this creation. Thanks for feedback. (I added a youtube link but I suggest downloading the file first because there's a better sound quality)
  12. Yeah the bottle was empty haha. I don't really care how ugly my basement (studio) looks. cause it's a personnal studio. The upper floor of my house is much more beautiful lol.
  13. Well don't be afraid to ask questions my friend. (Even though I did that song fast, if you like the guitar sound now and I think it's not that good, I think you won't believe it when I get back with the new remixes) You don't have to use an expansive guitar to get a good guitar sound. A very cheap guitar can do it. Nowadays, most of the sounds are digital. I use Guitar Rig 4 as a VST plug-in in Cubase. I think you can try a demo version on their website. I use double humbuckers pickups, but again I think it doesn't matter since the program will take your clean guitar sound and change it completely.