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  1. I tried downloading OCR02267 - Pokemon Gold Version 'Slowpoke Shuffle' multiple times and from each of the mirrors just to be sure it wasn't a transient error, and the md5sum listed on the site doesn't match. Someone should probably check into that. Tejing
  2. I'd say that 0:45 through 0:55 section takes things in a different enough direction too.As to your basic point, I agree, keep taking it in new directions.
  3. I very much like how it's building so far. (as of WIP vC) That dark-ish intro (the character of the first 20 secs or so) was a surprising idea to me, but it totally fits, so great job on that. The build that follows seems great, though the real tough stuff is yet to come. Good luck! P.S. Sorry I didn't post here sooner. I subscribed to the other thread, and the email I received quoted me your post without the link in it for some reason, only upon revisiting the forum did I realize you'd linked a WIP thread. EDIT: @#2: You can hear the source tune here Prisoners of Fate
  4. Awesome! I'll be happy to provide input if/when you post a wip. Tejing
  5. I'd love to see this track taken on in a way that really captures and expands on the vastness and emotion of the original, not an easy task I know, but I put it out there as a challenge. Tejing
  6. Both Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 have huge amounts of great music to play with, which you can hear here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SilvaGunner#grid/user/CEC477C059854C39 As far as specific songs, the elemental rock themes from GS2 are quite interesting musically and deserve remixes (especially aqua and magma imo), the mars lighthouse theme is worth a look, the second book intro is great, and that's just scratching the surface of this game's interesting source material. Tejing
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