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  1. I was not much of a Sonic player, but I did play many of the games somewhat. So many of the tracks I hear from the Sonic games don't really ring a bell. At least not clearly. But this one so does and this remix brings it perfectly into the modern world. Great work!
  2. Wow. Just wow. When I started listening to this remix I thought it was going to drive me mad. But somehow it always keeps somewhat interesting so you don't actually go mad. As I am listening to it again at the time of writing this I have to say it does go down more smoothly the second time. I think I actually like this :S. Great remix .
  3. I don't really know why, but this night I just had the sudden urge to listen to this song. I don't even like Gradius that much (my old man did though, man I totally bought the wrong game, but at least he liked it ). In other words, you did something amazing here. Just thought you should know .
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