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  1. Check to make sure no pattern boxes are filled in on your playlist AFTER the end of your song. Also try selecting "Cut Remainder" on the rendering window under "Looping Mode"
  2. Err... I find this quite bad... and I ain't no small fan of techno. Everything sounds so muffled, especially the breakbeats, which are drab and uninspired. The ones at 0:45 sound like drum-loop samples, and really clash with the rest of the mix. The lead is also lacking; it kinda sits in the background, never taking authority over the song. Flame Man's tune was my favorite from Mega Man 6, but this mix is a major disapointment.
  3. There are TONS of one-shot wave samples out there. I heartily recommend www.primesounds.com. Once you download a sample, all you have to is move it into the Fruity Loops Samples folder, and then it will be accessible from the sample browser within the program.
  4. I think you have this confused with FlashMan's theme. Quickman's level was the one with all the super-annoying yellow lasers which killed you in one hit.
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